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Secure and simple migration to the cloud? We know how to help you!

Modern companies more and more frequently decide to take a step towards digitalization. Are you ready and searching for a partner who will support the process of migration of your company to the cloud?


Building competitive advantages in business more and more frequently requires access to modern IT technologies.

How to gain access to them quickly without the need for investment in new equipment and software?

Start acting!

You can increase the scalability of your IT infrastructure and significantly increase application efficiency without the need for additional investment in the equipment.

Cloud computing ensures business flexibility, however, shifting to the cloud-based model requires experience and creating a thoughtful strategy.

We know how to do it!



Secure and simple migration of IT to the cloud

Migration to the cloud means moving the IT environments (physical and virtual machines, servers, operating systems, databases etc.) to Polcom’s cloud environment.

We make it possible to migrate both shared environment as well as a dedicated one, prepared according to a specific project. Thanks to the service it is possible to process data without any limitations related to geographic distance and optimize the IT environment. Moreover, we provide full assistance and care throughout the migration process with an option of taking over the responsibility for the results of the process.

Do you need help in cloud management?

Your team lacks competences in the area of cloud infrastructure management and employing additional persons is not an option?

We have a ready solution to that.

Within the framework of our services, we carry out projects from service desk level to the management of developed IT environments.

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Comprehensive IT migration

We make it possible to migrate both shared environment as well as a dedicated one, prepared according to a specific project.

We manage the cloud

We specialize in the server infrastructure management, and deployment and management of both private and hybrid cloud.

Platform as a Service
Cloud prepared for business needs

Do you need to launch an ERP application or a new logistic cloud-based system quickly? You will do it quickly, safely and without any unnecessary costs with us.

Nowy Styl Group would like to use cross-cuttings services supporting business development. We are a satisfied user of the solutions offered by Polcom. Properly selected components and parameters of IT environment which adapt to the current needs of our enterprise enable us to successfully exploit dedicated solutions. We received proper quality together with measurable savings.

Piotr Ziemiański Chief of IT Infrastructure at Nowy Styl Group

The development of the Cognor Group in recent years entailed the need to modernize IT infrastructure. The decision about transferring key systems such as IFS Applications to Polcom’s cloud computing allowed us to make great savings and significantly increased security of our business.

Dominik Barszcz Board Member, CFO

A continually growing scale of provided services and number of DSI Underground, convinced us to search for a provider of IT solutions whom we could trust. Polcom offers flexible configurations, reliable infrastructure and high level of services thanks to almost 100% SLA guarantee that can be scaled freely depending on the needs of our company.

Mateusz Borkowski DSI Underground, Head of Global IT and Digital Strategy

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