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We take care of your business continuity

Business continuity depends on many factors. One of them is the ability to continue work in the event of a disaster situation at the company’s headquarters.

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Experience-based business continuity management

With years of experience in providing services to our clients, we have the right process knowledge to ensure business continuity for enterprises and can adapt to the dynamically changing needs of unforeseen events.

A high price for not having a plan

We are aware that proper management of the company’s business continuity is crucial, and any interruption in the functioning of the business involves losses that are difficult to estimate. That is why we carry out each project in accordance with procedures while maintaining the highest level of quality and security.

Building comprehensive solutions

We offer tailored services that enable your organization’s business continuity. We have turnkey solutions that protect companies from losses resulting from events that are difficult to predict, including catastrophic events.

Business Continuity Management from Polcom

We secure the organization’s business continuity by fully sustaining processes related to the continuity of operation of key systems and applications. This way, in case of unexpected catastrophic events, we reduce the risk of downtime in operations.

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Increase IT flexibility and adapt it to current business needs icon
Increase IT flexibility and adapt it to current business needs
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Support digital business transformation
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Increase reliability and security
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Optimize IT costs

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Disaster Recovery Office icon

Disaster Recovery Office

We provide the backup office service which makes it possible to immediately undertake operations in the event of a failure at the headquarters of your company.
Backup data center icon

Backup data center

Backup IT infrastructure is a guarantee that in the event of unforeseeable events your key systems will be quickly restored to operation.
Disaster Recovery icon

Disaster Recovery

In case of the unforeseeable events at the primary location, the service makes it possible to switch the key systems to the backup center.

Ensure business continuity for your company

Redundant architecture

The cloud computing architecture operates on the basis of two state-of-the-art data centers, connected to each other by fiber optic cable.

As a result, the platform provided is secure and allows for almost zero data loss and data transfer without any downtime. We also provide our clients with a range of solutions in a service model to secure their business-critical data.

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