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Retail and FMCG

Retail industry is currently undergoing one of the most dynamic transformations

The world of retail trade is developing rapidly, that is why IT platforms which can be quickly adapted to the changing business requirements are essential. According to Deloitte’s analysts, the retail market is guided by the principle of the quickest possible reaction to the customers’ needs. Therefore, it is not surprising that thanks to new technologies the retail industry is currently undergoing one of the most dynamic transformations we could have observed so far.


Our actions and services efficiently support the retail and FMCG sectors within the scope of:

  • Optimization of operating and investment costs – Building one’s own IT infrastructure is related to high investment costs and time expenditure required for its establishment. The budget analysis which makes it possible to enter new markets is also a challenge for companies. We offer solutions thanks to which cost optimization is possible.
  •  Quick reaction to the changing needs of customers The possibility of on-demand scaling of IT systems is one of the greatest needs of many companies from the retail industry. Stores experience purchase peaks and drops depending on special offers, season of the year, and even the weather. Thanks to our services they can easily handle this unsteadiness:  by decreasing the level of resources required for the actual use or quick scaling.
  • Time to market –   Thanks to the cloud services, retailers can also launch supply chain systems which are able to effectively manage business without superfluous inventory or accelerated deliveries.



Maintenance of continuity of IT operations – The software used by the retail sector must operate in a reliable manner. Interruption of the continuity of operations may cause financial losses. That is why tried and tested, and efficient IT environment offered by Polcom is essential.

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We help companies

from the retail and FMCG sectors
Polcom IaaS

Polcom IaaS

Within the framework of the Infrastructure service we provide a full IT infrastructure you can use depending on the current needs of your business.
Migration to cloud

Migration to cloud

Migration of IT environments is a service that consists in moving data from one IT system to the other. A well-conducted migration process gives an opportunity to maintain continuity of operations and business processes.
Polcom Cloud

Polcom Cloud

Cloud Computing consists in making computing power and data storage area available upon request, according to the current needs of customers.
SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service

Quick reaction time to security incidents is the basic condition for meeting the requirements of market regulators and provisions and regulations such as the GDPR.


The colocation service at Polcom data centers consists in the provision of physical security and proper working environment of the devices entrusted to us.
DoS / DDoS Protection

DoS / DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS at Polcom is a service which makes it possible to efficiently identify and isolate suspicious traffic within the scope of DDoS attacks.

Standards and certificates

ISO 9001 icon

ISO 9001

It is an international certificate which contains the requirements concerning quality management system that confirms the capacity for continuous production in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
ISO 27001 icon

ISO 27001

It is an international certificate that confirms meeting data security management standards.
ISO 27017 icon

ISO 27017

It is an international certificate that documents meeting the highest standards of cloud computing data security management.
Data security icon

Data security

Enterprise data stored on virtual servers is accessible only to designated individuals.

Conducting business which is characterized by considerable variability and of dispersed structure constitutes a great challenge. At Carrefour, we were looking for a solution that would enable us to increase IT flexibility without the need for planning investments in the infrastructure. The one that would, on the one hand, enable us to prepare all the systems for the so-called shopping peaks, but, on the other hand, make it possible to control costs, especially investment ones, in a better way.

We decided on modern cloud computing technologies and cooperation with Polcom, a trusted Polish supplier of cloud services, which made an efficient IT environment available from its two independent data processing centers. We are convinced that it will contribute to the strengthening of our position as one of the leaders of technological changes.

Michał Malanowski Director of the IT department at Carrefour Polska

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