Reliable network operation is the basis for the continuity of IT systems

Polcom has 30 years of experience in providing IT integration services. We offer a wide range of proven network solutions for business needs.

Ensuring the correct network operations is the basis of the operations of the remaining systems

Our team of network experts and engineers has extensive knowledge in the design and implementation of complex WAN or LAN IT networks of any scale. This is due to the experience gained from designing networks for our own data centers.

We ensure high reliability, transfer, and scalability of data with minimum acceptable latency

For the design of wide-area network (WAN) solutions, which are designed not only to provide communication, but also to optimize bandwidth utilization, Polcom additionally offers the construction of wireless WLANs, managed through central software available locally or in the cloud.

Reliable communication environment

Integration of the solutions on the level of the network and coherent management and monitoring interface based on leading providers of such solutions as Flowmon or Skybox, makes it possible to achieve a reliable and easy to maintain communication environment.

Quality confirmed by 30 years of experience

Over the years, we have implemented several hundred network solutions for our customers, including those with international reach. Confirmation of their satisfaction can be found in the numerous references and case studies we have developed together.

A cadre of experienced engineers and architects

We have expertise in IT network design. A staff of engineers and technicians monitors the correctness of customer environments around the clock.


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Guaranteed continuity

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30 years of experience

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Staff of experienced

engineers and architects
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Easy management

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Solutions for building a network

based on the SDN concept

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I hereby confirm that Polcom with its registered office in Skawina, ul. Krakowska 43 conducts the implementation of Security Operations Center for our company within the framework of the execution of the contract. On the basis of our experience, we can recommend Polcom as a trusted and reliable partner.

Andrzej Karpiński IT Infrastructure Manager

Thanks to cooperation with Polcom Data Center we are able to avail ourselves of dedicated IT systems. It provides us with real support thanks to which we are able to concentrate on business projects implemented by us rather than technical issues. It is a very beneficial solution for us.

Uznaliśmy, że część danych, które mają charakter danych krytycznych dla organizacji, winno być chronionych w szczególny sposób – w nowoczesnym obiekcie spełniającym najwyższe standardy. Mają one wpływ na wszystkich Pracowników UMK. Migrowaliśmy do Polcom Data Center serwer poczty elektronicznej i serwer plików – korzysta z tego każdy w UMK. Są to usługi o tyle krytyczne, że bez nich nie sposób wyobrazić sobie funkcjonowania UMK na co dzień. Efektem jest większa dostępność do danych, czyli poprawa ich bezpieczeństwa.

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