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Efficiency in the use of disk space

Virtualization is a solution which makes it possible to share many systems hardware resources such as a processor, memory, disk resources and software.

Comprehensive virtualization services

Virtualization is universally applied to separate the logical layer from physical equipment. This makes it possible to successfully avoid limitations resulting from the physical architecture of the system.

Virtualization services also make it possible to exploit the existing hardware resources in a more efficient way and significantly increase the level of security. It also makes it possible to build Disaster Recovery solutions in an efficient manner.

Different types of IT virtualizers

Polcom’s specialist team provides professional virtualization services based on the following virtualizers:

  • VMware
  • HyperV
  • Xen
  • OLVM
  • KVM

Hardware virtualization tailored to your business needs

Hardware virtualization means better scaling and utilization of physical server resources. It’s easier to add or subtract resources to a virtual machine as needed, and applications running in a given environment don’t consume as much resources as they would in a traditional.

Security of company resources

One of the most important features of hardware-based virtualisation is the high level of security. With the ability to run different operating systems on several virtual machines at the same time, an infected machine does not pose a threat to the others.

Performing unobstructed migration to virtual environments

IT virtualisation means significant cost optimisation – both operational, capital and power costs. The virtualisation service allows you to focus on your core business, as it significantly reduces the work involved in managing your environment, and Polcom specialists are responsible for the process of moving your infrastructure into virtual environments. This is why more and more companies are choosing to use this type of service.


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Installation and configuration

of virtual environments
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in the use of disk space
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Conducting functional

efficiency and security tests with the use of renowned tools available on the market
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Conducting migration

of the customer's existing infrastructure to virtual environments

Performing migration to virtual environments without any obstacles

Forget about having several physical servers for different applications in your organisation. IT virtualisation allows you to run multiple virtual servers on a single piece of hardware. Use hardware resources efficiently, saving server room space and electricity. Make managing your server environment easier. Virtualisation services foster test environments and make your IT infrastructure more reliable and scalable.

Increased level of IT security

In the event that one of the virtual machines becomes the target of a hacking attack, the rest of the VPS environment remains isolated and unthreatened. A virtualisation solution significantly increases the security level of the IT infrastructure. It reduces the risk of downtime for key systems, the unavailability of which can lead to financial and reputational losses.

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