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Baseline in the Polcom Cloud

Branch:IT, New technologies
Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

Baseline is a leading provider of business solutions supporting key business management aspects. The company specializes in the production and distribution of innovative information technologies that are tailored to business needs. The company boasts more than a hundred analytical and implementation projects in the service, financial, and manufacturing industries. Baseline’s solutions and products are used daily by thousands of satisfied users at home and abroad.

Baseline™ is an advanced, proprietary platform developed by specialists that consists of various modules to support key areas of business management. The platform includes solutions such as electronic document workflow, e-archive, CRM, extranet, budgeting, and many other tools that are used in various areas of business operations.


In connection with the development of the Baseline™ application, the company faced the challenge of ensuring high availability and scalability of its IT platform. The challenge was not only the growing number of customers but also the development of the application itself, which, following the needs of the business, required an increasingly flexible IT environment, necessary for testing and implementing new solutions. In addition, the company attaches great importance to a high level of data and application security to meet legal requirements and respond to high customer expectations.

Providing these factors in a traditional IT infrastructure model can be costly and time-consuming, and limits the ability to quickly scale resources according to business needs. To focus on developing the Baseline™ platform, handling incoming orders, and its core business, the company set out to find a modern and flexible IT solution to address the previously mentioned challenges. The solution had to meet several standards and norms, and Baseline was looking for a reliable partner for a long-term partnership. The company began its search for a cloud provider.


To meet the challenges of the rapid growth of Baseline™ applications, the growing number of customers, and the increasing demand for flexibility in the IT environment, Baseline made the strategic decision to use the Polcom Cloud service. The fact that Polcom offers services based on two independent and redundant data centers was particularly important when the decision to cooperate was made. Thanks to the introduction of this solution, the risk of data loss or interruption of the company’s business continuity in the event of unforeseen events was significantly reduced. The company has gained a guarantee of high platform availability, which is essential to ensure the continuity of the company’s operations, as well as virtually unlimited scalability of resources, which allows the IT infrastructure to be quickly and efficiently adapted to current business needs and the development of Baseline™ applications.

In addition, Polcom guarantees a high level of data and application security, meeting strict legal and data protection requirements. The centers are certified following ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 9001, which guarantees a high quality of service. For this reason, the company can be sure that the end customer will receive a comprehensive, fully secure, and modern solution that meets all its expectations and requirements. Choosing Polcom as a cooperation partner enables Baseline to focus on innovation in the Baseline™ application and its core business, without worrying about IT infrastructure and data security.


High availability and scalability of the platform

By using Polcom’s cloud services, the company ensures that its customers have high availability of the Baseline™ platform and the ability to scale resources according to their current needs

High level of security

The collaboration provides the company with a high level of system security, which is crucial in the context of processing sensitive customer data

Cost optimisation

The subscription model that Polcom offers allows Baseline to optimize the costs associated with maintaining its IT infrastructure

Data security

The company has been guaranteed the security of its cloud platform at an international level, which is confirmed by the numerous certificates held by Polcom’s centers


Baseline is a developer of innovative, multi-module software that includes CRM, electronic workflow, project management, and many other tools that greatly automate company processes. Baseline™ software has been developed for the most demanding customers, for whom processes are designed according to real demand and business objectives achieved. Polcom provides us with the service of providing a cloud environment for the Baseline™ platform and development environments for software development. With Polcom Cloud, we gain a guarantee of availability and virtually unlimited scalability of resources, which is important in terms of meeting the needs of our customers. For us, Polcom Data Centres are a guarantee of a high level of security, which translates directly into the standard of service provision for Baseline’s end customers.

Piotr Musiał CEO

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