Public sector

Security and maintenance of business continuity

We have been providing the public sector with services for many years. We are perfectly aware of how important, from the perspective of offices, it is to ensure continuity of operations of the IT infrastructure and security. Our 30 years of experience enabled us to create optimal solutions for the most demanding industries, including the public sector.

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Standards and regulations

Our actions and services efficiently support the public sector within the scope of:

  • Maintenance of continuity of the IT operations – The functioning of offices and public institutions must be based on a stable IT environment which will ensure deployment and proper operation of dedicated programs. The solutions offered by Polcom guarantee failure-free and uninterrupted access to systems and applications.
  • Efficient deployment of ERP software or logistic systems – Efficient and proper deployment of ERP system frequently depends on the engagement of the whole organization. The qualified Polcom’s team offers full support in the deployment process and comprehensively deals with the deployment of the service.
  • Ensuring security and protection against cyber crime – Public institutions are particularly vulnerable to hacking attacks. Polcom’s centers are located on the territory of Poland which guarantees data security within the scope of the national legal transactions. 30 years of experience in providing IT services and counteracting hacking attacks guarantee the highest level of security.
  • Meeting the GDPR requirements – Our services are compliant with the EU GDPR regulation. Thanks to a dedicated service, KonektSEC – GDPR Register  we also help, according to the provisions, in efficient personal data management.


  • Cost optimization – thanks to the cloud computing service public institutions do not have to invest in additional IT equipment, any environment is made available upon request.
  • Scalability towards project requirements – thanks to the provision of the IT infrastructure in the cloud model public institutions gain full customization with regards to the deployed projects.
  • Flexibility – provision of services in the described model guarantees institutions quicker reactions to the changing conditions. It means that they can, at any time, increase or decrease IT resources without the need to invest in additional equipment.
  • Maintenance of a high level of service accessibility – continuity of operation of the devices, power supply guarantee, certainty of service provision.

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Business continuity

Business continuity

Business continuity of a company depends on many factors. One of them is a possibility of work continuation in the event of a disaster at the company’s registered office.
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In case of the unforeseeable events at the primary location, the service makes it possible to switch the key systems to the backup center.
Migration to cloud

Migration to cloud

Migration of IT environments is a service that consists in moving data from one IT system to the other. A well-conducted migration process gives an opportunity to maintain continuity of operations and business processes.
SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service

Quick reaction time to security incidents is the basic condition for meeting the requirements of market regulators and provisions and regulations such as the GDPR.
Polcom Cloud

Polcom Cloud

Cloud Computing consists in making computing power and data storage area available upon request, according to the current needs of customers.
Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection ensures traffic analysis in the context of deviations from the normal state and detection of non-standard behaviors.

Standards and certificates

ISO 9001 icon

ISO 9001

It is an international certificate which contains the requirements concerning quality management system that confirms the capacity for continuous production in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
ISO 27001 icon

ISO 27001

It is an international certificate that confirms meeting data security management standards.
ISO 27017 icon

ISO 27017

It is an international certificate that documents meeting the highest standards of cloud computing data security management.
Data security icon

Data security

Enterprise data stored on virtual servers is accessible only to designated individuals.

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