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We support our clients in digital transformation

A modern production company must keep up with the latest technological trends if it wants to increase its competitiveness on the market.

We support production companies by providing services which make it possible to ensure the continuity of operations of the IT infrastructure, security, and high business flexibility.

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Our actions and services efficiently support the production industry within the scope of:

  • Maintenance of continuity of the IT operations – Numerous applications such as ERP software and logistic systems supporting the production process in an enterprise require stable and scalable IT infrastructure. This way they can manage the production process in a continuous manner.
  • Optimization of operating and investment costs – Building one’s own IT infrastructure is related to high investment costs and time expenditure required for its establishment. Polcom’s services make it possible to optimize costs related to the purchase of IT infrastructure.
  • Shortening the time of ERP software or logistic system deployment – Deployment of ERP software of logistic system requires from an enterprise to prepare an appropriate IT infrastructure. Polcom has a fully scalable cloud computing architecture which can be made available according to the specific requirements of the customer’s business.


  • Security and integrity of stored data – Cloud services must guarantee the highest level of reliability and they must be properly secured. Thanks to numerous certificates and many years of experience we provide services that support business objectives of our customers.
  • Protection against cyberattacks – Hacking attacks on industrial and manufacturing enterprises are not rare. A successfully conducted attack may contribute to the interruption of the production process continuity and material losses. Polcom has knowledge and experience within the scope of securing the IT environment against the effects of hacking attacks.

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We help companies

from the production sector
Polcom ERP Platform

Polcom ERP Platform

Deployment of ERP system of the Polcom’s cloud platform minimizes investment costs and provides unlimited scalability.
Polcom IaaS

Polcom IaaS

Within the framework of the Infrastructure service we provide a full IT infrastructure you can use depending on the current needs of your business.
Migration to cloud

Migration to cloud

Migration of IT environments is a service that consists in moving data from one IT system to the other. A well-conducted migration process gives an opportunity to maintain continuity of operations and business processes.
DoS / DDoS Protection

DoS / DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS at Polcom is a service which makes it possible to efficiently identify and isolate suspicious traffic within the scope of DDoS attacks.
Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service

Does my company need backup? Nowadays nobody asks themselves this question anymore because in the age of digitalization data became the key capital for us, which needs to be properly secured.
Polcom Cloud

Polcom Cloud

Cloud Computing consists in making computing power and data storage area available upon request, according to the current needs of customers.

Certificates and standards

ISO 9001 icon

ISO 9001

It is an international certificate which contains the requirements concerning quality management system that confirms the capacity for continuous production in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
ISO 27001 icon

ISO 27001

It is an international certificate that confirms meeting data security management standards.
ISO 27017 icon

ISO 27017

It is an international certificate that documents meeting the highest standards of cloud computing data security management.
Data security icon

Data security

Enterprise data stored on virtual servers is accessible only to designated individuals.

Cloud computing directly influences the maintenance of production process continuity which, from our perspective, is of key importance and has an impact on the proper functioning of the whole enterprise. Polcom’s project-oriented approach towards our needs, efficient implementation, and partnership-based attitude should also be emphasized.

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Polcom. We are sure that we can rely on technical support and post-implementation care at any time which strengthens our security and business flexibility. Polcom Data Center is a professional provider of cloud computing services.


Piotr Słanek Production Director at PROTECH

We decided to transfer our resources to the cloud in order to fully concentrate on the key elements, from the business perspective, that is on the provided services instead of infrastructure maintenance. Thanks to that we are able to respond to the changing needs of business and company’s employees in a more efficient way. The future of Skanska’s IT resources is in the cloud, whereas infrastructure migration and change in the way of its management and maintenance is the beginning of an evolution.

The key criterion for us in the IT are as well as on every construction site is safety. Apart from great flexibility and modern infrastructure, it was this very element that decided about the choice of a partner responsible for transferring Skanska’s resources to the cloud. The Polish company Polcom that apart from the highest security standards offered to us, an innovative and extremely user-friendly resource management model satisfied all these expectations.


Director of the IT Department at Skanska S.A.

IT environment migration to an external server room will enable us to optimize IT infrastructure management.  In view of the company’s strategy concentrated, to a large extent, on a continuous cost optimization and increase in business stability, we decided to migrate our key IT systems to the data center. For us, it means, above all, that we will not have to incur the investment risk related to the development of IT infrastructure and that IT infrastructure will be dynamically adapted to our changing needs. For us, such attitude means real savings and additional 24/7/365 support of Polcom’s specialists.

Tomasz Pierzchała Director of the IT Bureau Polimex – Mostostal

Using the Polcom’s offer didn’t require from us any expenditures connected with the purchase of IT infrastructure. We also avoided excessive amount of hardware. Instead, we received a dedicated environment which we successfully avail ourselves of.

Jacek Fert Dyrektor Director of the IT Department

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