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Does my company need a backup? Today no one asks this question, because in the era of digitization, data has become our key capital that must be properly secured. Storing backups on your own infrastructure generates high costs. Is there an alternative?

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Comprehensive IT infrastructure

Polcom provides a complete IT infrastructure in the cloud model, used for data backup in the cloud and their archiving. The entire service is built on the basis of components from leading suppliers and the knowledge of qualified engineers.

Flexible backup scenarios

The data backup scenario is flexible and tailored to the business requirements of the application. The service assumes provision of all components and services necessary to realize a secure data backup. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring of the backup environment parameters and constant control over the correctness of backup copies.

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Control and full adaptation needs

Secure data backup in the cloud. We adapt the data backup model to the system architecture and software used. In order to increase security, data is stored in at least two copies, one in each Polcom center.

In the interests of the highest level of security of services provided, Polcom provides a solution designed to protect virtual machines against unauthorized access and attempts at manipulation. This is the Backup as a service.

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• Data protection of various operating systems
• Possibility of defining data protection and storage rules according to individual customer preferences
• Possibility of independent data recovery
• Data backup for companies is performed using D2D2T technology
• Possibility to recover data from backup on demand
• Data stored in two data centers

Case Study

Polcom clients choose security services. This allows them to focus on key aspects of their business See why our customers choose Polcom’s security services

The solution allows customers to self-administer access keys to virtual machines so they have full control over their virtual environment. Data encryption service makes our customers can be sure that only they control who is given access to data stored in the cloud.

Velvet Care is one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary products in Poland. It operates with an ever greater comfort of its Customers and Partners in mind. It continually searches for creative and efficient solutions so that it can efficiently react to new consumer needs and changing market. Using the services of Polcom provides Velvet Care with such opportunities.

Rafał Curyło Chief Financial Officer, Velvet CARE Board Member

We cooperated with Polcom for 5 years. Many times, we had an opportunity to witness the highest quality of services provided by Polcom. We were positively assessed by many auditors and other institutions which we are subject to. The services provided by Polcom supported us in providing our customers with a continuous access to systems and applications and help to guarantee data security on the highest level.

Our solutions are compliant with the legal requirements that are binding on insurance companies, and guidelines of the Financial Supervision Authority. We are also certain that our data are protected in a proper way, whereas continuity of operations of IT systems will be maintained. Technical support offered and regular contact with Polcom’s team, in my opinion, prove the highest carefulness and attention to every aspect of the service.

Paweł Giza Vice-president of the Board at Nationale-Nederlanden
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