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Polcom has been a systems integrator since the beginning of its market activity. This is our main line in the range of services and products offered by the company. Polcom employs a number of specialists and engineers with extensive knowledge and experience, also coming from other branches of services offered by the company. In our offer we have a number of solutions that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Currently, we integrate the solutions of manufacturers within the scope of:

  • Servers based on the x64 architecture
  • Disk arrays (classic and flash type)
  • Virtualizers
  • Load balancing solutions
  • Backup copies
  • SAN Network

As part of the service, we integrate systems based on traditional databases as well as complex and sophisticated applications, such as ERP.

IT systems integration - many benefits in a short time

Thanks to the IT integration service provided by Polcom, the client receives a ready-to-use IT environment ensuring quick access to data, while maintaining guaranteed reliability and high performance.

Support of specialists at every stage

Polcom consists of over 170 specialists who provide advice at every stage of cooperation – both during the selection of appropriate solutions and during the implementation of a dedicated service.

Whenever we start a conversation with a client, we study their needs and learn about their expectations. Only thanks to that it is possible to match the right solution to the client’s needs and to be sure that the service has been fully adjusted to the company’s business model.

Guaranteed up-to-date data

IT systems integration guarantees that the data entered into the application will always be up-to-date. Additionally, integration between different systems and data consistency allow to avoid mistakes, which may be associated with losses, e.g. financial ones, often very difficult to estimate.


High level of security icon

High level of security

We provide international safety and quality standards, confirmed by certificates.
Cost optimization icon

Cost optimization

You don't have to invest in buying additional IT equipment when implementing a new system. With the cloud computing, the costs are spread out over time and are fully predictable.
Responsibility for system integration on the Polcom side icon

Responsibility for system integration on the Polcom side

Flexibility to changing business conditions icon

Flexibility to changing business conditions

Cloud computing, with its ability to scale IT infrastructure, allows for rapid adaptation to change.

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