Business Continuity

Prepare your company for potential disaster and ensure continuity of operations

Maintenance of continuity of operation of systems and IT environment in the event of a disaster is of key significance for my business.

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Maintenance of continuity of operation of systems and IT environments

Do you have a plan in the event of a disaster?

Business continuity planning is a process which makes it possible to create conditions that will guarantee the maintenance of the most important business operations, as well as the management of actions in critical situations.

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To ensure business continuity, companies frequently reach for extraordinary measures: additional monitoring, purchase of additional infrastructure, longer working hours. But these steps may prove insufficient, and they generate additional costs.

How to avoid that? How to prepare a company in case of a disaster?



Minimization of potential losses through the deployment of Business Continuity Planning

Maintenance of business stability in a 365/7/24 mode without generating additional costs is possible.

Reach for Polcom’s solution which guarantees a full security of the resources within the scope of procedural security as well as the IT infrastructure.

Business Continuity service may include IT administration, removing failures without any rational time constraints, and guarantee of continuity of operations of your team in case of emergencies.

Service model

Business Continuity Planning offered by us is available in a service model which means that the costs concern only the actual usage of the infrastructure.

Advantages of the Business Continuity Planning service from Polcom

• Two own data centers that can both perform their function in case of a disaster
• Over 1,000 backup office positions equipped with full sanitary and office facilities and necessary ICT infrastructure
• Our own Polcom Cloud infrastructure
• Our own Disaster Recovery Center
• Availability of telecommunication and Internet connections
• Automatic data backup in the cloud
• Support of qualified engineers
• 24/7 monitoring center
• Data security confirmed by international certificates – including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017

Prepare your business for disaster and secure business continuity

Business continuity depends on many factors, one of which is the ability to continue working in the event of unforeseen developments. Polcom offers a range of services that allow you to maintain business continuity.

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The colocation service at Polcom data centers consists in the provision of physical security and proper working environment of the devices entrusted to us.
Polcom Cloud

Polcom Cloud

Cloud Computing consists in making computing power and data storage area available upon request, according to the current needs of customers.
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In case of the unforeseeable events at the primary location, the service makes it possible to switch the key systems to the backup center.
Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service

Does my company need backup? Nowadays nobody asks themselves this question anymore because in the age of digitalization data became the key capital for us, which needs to be properly secured.
Disaster Recovery Office

Disaster Recovery Office

We provide the backup office service which makes it possible to immediately undertake operations in the event of a failure at the headquarters of your company.
Business continuity

Business continuity

Business continuity of a company depends on many factors. One of them is a possibility of work continuation in the event of a disaster at the company’s registered office.
Cybersecurity. Do you already have a plan?
Cyberattacks pose a serious threat for business continuity maintenance in a company. At Polcom, we have prepared a range of solutions the objective of which is to protect data against attacks and to detect anomalies in this area.

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