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Polcom Cloud Solutions

Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP icon

Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP

Are you looking for a quick and scalable cloud platform for SAP and SAP HANA?
Polcom IFS Cloud Platform icon

Polcom IFS Cloud Platform

You are planning to deploy the IFS system and would like to know the exact operating and investment costs?
Polcom INFOR Cloud Platform icon

Polcom INFOR Cloud Platform

You want to deploy the INFOR software in your company and increase security?
Polcom ENOVA Cloud Platform icon

Polcom ENOVA Cloud Platform

Do you want to deploy the Enova system in your enterprise quickly?
Polcom COMARCH XL Cloud Platform icon

Polcom COMARCH XL Cloud Platform

Would you like to minimize the costs related to the deployment of Comarch XL?
Polcom MICROSOFT DYNAMICS Cloud Platform icon

Polcom MICROSOFT DYNAMICS Cloud Platform

Do you want to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and, at the same time, ensure mobility and flexibility of the system?
Polcom GDPR Solution icon

Polcom GDPR Solution

KonektSec – GDPR Register is a user-friendly application for comprehensive management of processes related to personal data processing according to the GDPR.
Polcom Oracle Cloud Platform icon

Polcom Oracle Cloud Platform

Efficient and scalable platform of Oracle solutions.
Polcom Application Behavior Monitoring icon

Polcom Application Behavior Monitoring

The Polcom Application Behavior Monitoring service makes it possible to monitor work parameters of Internet services and applications online in real time.
Polcom IT Inventory CMDB Platform icon

Polcom IT Inventory CMDB Platform

Configuration base, i.e. CMDB, is a key component of IT service management process in a company.  How to conduct the documentation of IT resources in an efficient manner?


Data security icon

Data security

According to the market data, in the next years the key business challenge will be to ensure a proper protection level of data against various kinds of attacks.
Cost optimization icon

Cost optimization

To increase market competitiveness, companies need to keep up with technological trends. How to avoid generating unnecessary costs?
Business Continuity icon

Business Continuity

Maintenance of continuity of operation of systems and IT environment in the event of a disaster is of key significance for my business.
Migration to cloud icon

Migration to cloud

Modern companies more and more frequently decide to take a step towards digitalization. Are you ready and searching for a partner who will support the process of migration of your company to the cloud?
Regulations and compliance icon

Regulations and compliance

The activity of my company submits to plenty of market regulators that is why meeting the standards and security procedures is a key aspect in my industry.

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