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Polcom GDPR Solution

Comprehensive personal data processing in a service model

The processing of personal data requires special care in ensuring that it is properly secured.

Personal data under control

KonektSec – GDPR Register is a user-friendly application for comprehensive management of processes related to personal data processing in accordance with GDPR.

  • Service is provided in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Designed for organizations obligated to keep a GDPR register
  • Makes it possible to prepare and keep an appropriate register of activities and categories of personal data processing
  • Full readiness for GDPR audit
  • Access from any web browser

KonektSec – GDPR Register

Learn about the major benefits

Cost optimization icon
You do not have to install additional software on your computer or invest in additional equipment. The service can be operated from the web browser level.
Lower risk of mistakes icon
Using the application minimizes possible pecuniary penalties related to the improper management of personal data.
High security level icon
One of the most modern data processing centers in Poland, Polcom Data Center, is responsible for the security of data stored in the application.
Compliance with the regulations | icon
The application is a comprehensive register of all the operations (processing activities) conducted on personal data process by a given entity.
Possibility to conduct a risk analysis icon
KonektSec provides an opportunity to conduct a risk analysis related to personal data processing. Thanks to that it is possible to efficiently prepare an organization for possible inspections and audits.
24/7 support icon
The application makes it possible to report all the incidents of violation of data protection (pursuant to art. 33 of the GDPR). 24/7 technical support is also available.

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Requirements of the GDPR Regulation

Maintaining a personal data register is one of the requirements of the GDPR Regulation, relating to the application of appropriate security measures in this regard. The register is to constitute a comprehensive record of all operations performed on personal data processed by a particular entity.

Personal data management under control

Polcom provides services in almost every area of the economy, including companies for which personal data security is especially important. According to the GDPR regulations, it is crucial to properly manage personal data and ensure appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure them.

Thanks to the Polcom GDPR Solution service, the customer can be sure that Polcom processes the entrusted data in accordance with the requirements of GDPR, ensuring appropriate technical and organizational measures for their protection.

One service, multiple options

The service enables maintenance of records meeting the requirements of GDPR:

  • Register of data processing activities
  • Personal data sets defined by, among other things: contact details of the controller and joint controllers
  • Risk analyses
  • Register of applications
  • Register of violations
  • Management
  • Simple interface
  • Safety confirmed by international certificates

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