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KonektVault - virtual disk

Virtual disk is a perfect solution for teamwork

Konektvault is a service which makes it possible to provide and synchronize files in the virtual space.

Simple management

Use it in way which is convenient for you:

  • directly from a computer
  • through a web browser

Easy management makes it possible to significantly facilitate the work of your team. Thanks to the service you can secure specific files with a password or make them publicly available. This refers to text files, photos, presentations or movies, and many others.

Too much attachments to emails?

Contrary to the attachments to emails, the users can share the files limited only by the cloud space. Sending a movie from a company retreat or a presentation of the whole company is quick and simple.

Additional functionalitie:

An address book An address book
A calendar A calendar
Teamwork Teamwork


Learn about the major benefits

Better work organization icon

Better work organization

KonkektVault provides an opportunity to collect files in one place. Thanks to that you can easily find what you need in the barrage of materials, regardless of where you are at the moment.
Many possibilities of data access icon

Many possibilities of data access

Possibility of managing data from many devices: a computer, laptop, or tablet. What you need is the connection to the Internet.
Real-time update of files icon

Real-time update of files

All the changes to the file which has been made available are automatically updated and visible for all recipients.
Possibility of restoring an older version of files icon

Possibility of restoring an older version of files

Thanks to sharing files on KonektVault, there is information regarding who edited, deleted, or transferred a file. It is also possible to download an older version of the file, before it has been edited.
High level of security icon

High level of security

The application provides anti-virus and anti-spam protection thanks to which your data will not leak outside
Easy to use icon

Easy to use

KonektVault is an intuitive application which guarantees rapid transfer of data and downloading of files.


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