Oracle cloud platform background


Polcom Oracle Cloud Platform

Cloud platform dedicated to Oracle solutions

The Polcom cloud platform ensures full performance and security of Oracle solutions from databases to ERP systems.

Case Study

What are the benefits of data migration to the Polcom cloud? Read the case study and find out more!


Leading manufacturer of enterprise solutions

Oracle is one of the leading providers of IT solutions for enterprises and organizations. It provides a wide range of products, starting from application servers to the ERP-class systems. One of Oracle’s most important products is its relational database.

Oracle Cloud Solutions

In response to customer expectations, Polcom provides a platform that meets the requirements specified by the software vendor, which allows Oracle products to be run and used according to actual demand and business requirements. The full scalability of the infrastructure allows for a smooth increase in resources and performance as demand increases.

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Oracle Cloud Platform solutions built on real needs

Implementing Oracle in a cloud model allows a significant reduction in costs associated with IT infrastructure investments. It is a tailor-made solution based on the real needs of the customer, which, as a result, effectively supports companies in the smooth functioning of business and ensures the reliability of systems and applications.

We advise on how to streamline and optimize the operation of systems to take advantage of their maximum potential.

Oracle in the cloud for business

The solution provides not only high availability, but also security at the highest international level confirmed by numerous certificates. Oracle Cloud Platform saves the time required to launch and maintain systems.

A qualified team of Polcom specialists takes care of the platform in terms of hardware and software on a 24/7/365 basis, which allows you to maintain the continuity of systems and applications.


of deploying Oracle on Polcom Cloud

Minimum deployment time icon

Minimum deployment time

Fully compatible with Oracle software, the service reduces configuration errors and minimizes deployment time.
Cost optimization icon

Cost optimization

Polcom Oracle Cloud Platform allows you to optimize your Oracle software licensing costs.
High security level icon

High security level

Our solutions help protect your Company's data. So you can meet the key requirements of RODO or protect yourself from attacks.
Guaranteed accessibility of services icon

Guaranteed accessibility of services

We ensure a guaranteed level of services by signing a separate SLA contract.
We build our services
based on our own date
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