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Transport and logistics

Digital transformation of the logistics industry

The logistics industry is a dynamically developing branch of economy which is currently undergoing plenty of technological changes. To meet the market expectations, supply chains should be controlled by means of dedicated applications that supervise transported goods and support the management of the whole process. The deployment of an appropriate IT system which makes it possible to optimally exploit the resources seems to be a simple solution. However, it requires significant financial expenditures related to the IT infrastructure. How to avoid high costs and, at the same time, increase the security level of provided services? We have a solution to that.


Our actions and services efficiently support the sector of transport and logistics within the scope of:

  • Maintenance of continuity of operations of the supply chain – The software used in transport and logistics to manage supply chains requires a reliable and quickly scalable IT platform. Thanks to reliable Polcom’s cloud computing based on the global architecture you gain a guarantee of business continuity.
  • Optimization of operating and investment costs – Preparation of the IT infrastructure that meets the requirements of the logistic industry is related to a broad specialist knowledge. It also means high investment costs and time needed to deploy the model. The solutions offered by us are available in a subscription model, whereas the IT infrastructure is available almost instantly.
  • Shortening the time of ERP software or logistic system deployment Deployment of ERP software or a logistic system requires building proper IT infrastructure and devoting a lot of time to it. Our solutions make it possible to shorten it by even 70% in relation to the on-premises model.



We guarantee the highest quality standards for companies from the sector of transport and logistics:

  • Security guarantee – application may be vulnerable to hacking attacks. That is why proper monitoring and deployment of appropriate security measures are of key importance. Polcom’s cloud is a safe place for storing your data.
  • Protection against cyberattacks –  Polcom has knowledge and experience within the scope of securing the IT environment against the effects of hacking attacks.


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We help companies

from the sector of transport and logistics
Polcom IaaS

Polcom IaaS

Within the framework of the Infrastructure service we provide a full IT infrastructure you can use depending on the current needs of your business.
Migration to cloud

Migration to cloud

Migration of IT environments is a service that consists in moving data from one IT system to the other. A well-conducted migration process gives an opportunity to maintain continuity of operations and business processes.
Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service

Does my company need backup? Nowadays nobody asks themselves this question anymore because in the age of digitalization data became the key capital for us, which needs to be properly secured.
Polcom Cloud

Polcom Cloud

Cloud Computing consists in making computing power and data storage area available upon request, according to the current needs of customers.
SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service

Quick reaction time to security incidents is the basic condition for meeting the requirements of market regulators and provisions and regulations such as the GDPR.


The colocation service at Polcom data centers consists in the provision of physical security and proper working environment of the devices entrusted to us.

Certificates and standards

ISO 9001 icon

ISO 9001

It is an international certificate which contains the requirements concerning quality management system that confirms the capacity for continuous production in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.
ISO 27001 icon

ISO 27001

It is an international certificate that confirms meeting data security management standards.
ISO 27017 icon

ISO 27017

It is an international certificate that documents meeting the highest standards of cloud computing data security management.
Data security icon

Data security

Enterprise data stored on virtual servers is accessible only to designated individuals.

Thanks to cooperation with Polcom Data Center we are able to avail ourselves of dedicated IT systems. It provides us with real support thanks to which we are able to concentrate on business projects implemented by us rather than technical issues. It is a very beneficial solution for us.

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