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Cost optimization

Reduce IT expenditures up to even 40%

To increase market competitiveness, companies need to keep up with technological trends. How to avoid generating unnecessary costs?


In order to increase market competitiveness, modern companies constantly have to solicit customers and follow trends that generate additional costs.

Adapting the IT infrastructure to the dynamically changing needs of the market, its appropriate scalability in case of seasonality of sales, ensuring the continuity of systems, an adequate level of security and a number of legal requirements to be met generate additional, often very high costs.

These are just some of the elements that the modern entrepreneur must take care of if he wants to stay in the market. How a company can cope with a number of challenges while optimizing costs?

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The cost of purchasing IT infrastructure and its maintenance is a basic component of IT investment costs.

However, its purchase is not always the best solution. Polcom offers alternative models for acquiring IT that create opportunities to optimize costs within the company.


Optimize costs with Polcom’s services

For almost 30 years Polcom has specialized in providing comprehensive IT solutions used by companies in Poland and abroad.

Using professional data center services not only allows you to maintain the continuity of your business and ensure the highest level of security, but also gives you the opportunity to adapt your IT infrastructure to the prevailing market trends

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Platform as a Service
Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is a service which consists in making computational power and data storage area available upon request, according to the current needs of customers. Due to lack of need to build and maintain one’s own server room, it enables you to significantly optimize investment costs in the area of the IT infrastructure.


Moving IT infrastructure to an external data center makes it possible to reduce the costs within the scope of, among other things, maintenance of dedicated monitoring specialists, management, and equipment optimization. Polcom provides the colocation service in a service model.

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services stand for the IT infrastructure management and deployment and supervision of cloud solutions. The service includes projects both on the level of service desk as well as the management of developed IT environments, which significantly reduces investment costs.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a solution thanks to which you have a guarantee that your company will maintain its business continuity even in the event of unplanned events, including a disaster.

SOC as a Service

The SOC service provides an opportunity to monitor security incidents and react to all kinds of anomalies. Moreover, it helps to meet legal regulations and security standards, including the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the GDPR and the act on cybersecurity.

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