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Abra Meble S.A. colocates servers at Polcom Data Center

Industry:Produkcja, distribution, e-commerce
Key service:Colocation

Abra is a leading manufacturer of furniture in Poland. The company’s store chain includes 100 commercial establishments located in 93 cities with over 20,000 inhabitants. This dynamically developing company currently employs 800 workers and has been awarded such prestigious prizes as The Forbes Diamonds 2011, and Large Pearl of Polish Economy 2011.


Building one’s own data processing center is quite a challenge.

It is, above all related to financial, administrative and IT engagement. Finding an appropriate place is essential for the whole undertaking. For the building of one’s own server room to be profitable, the company’s registered office should remain in the same location for at least the nearest 10 years, and the building should be located in a place which is not exposed to such dangers as, for example, flood. That is why many companies decide on outsourcing within this area. In spite of the fact that Abra possessed newly purchased hardware, it did not have at its disposal a place appropriate for its storage.


The company decided to colocate servers to Polcom Data Center.

Building one’s own server room and its maintenance was connected with additional costs and a risk of failure. Colocation turned out to be the golden mean. Thanks to moving hardware to the data center it was possible to save around 30% of the budget. Additionally, the company increased its level of security and business flexibility.

Key results and benefits

Cost optimization

Thanks to colocation it was possible to save about 30% of the budget intended for investment costs.


Efficient, flexible IT infrastructure that guarantees security and total availability.


Satisfying the highest security standards of the Polcom Data Centers. Implemented efficient data protection procedures, including personal data protection.


The IT area is particularly important for the operations of our company. Apart from brick and mortar shops, we also have an online store which is visited by 250,000 users every month.

Good IT infrastructure is essential so that both our customers and 800 employees can easily avail themselves of the platforms on an everyday basis. The key issue for us is its security and availability.

Grzegorz Krzypkowski IT Infrastructure and e-commerce Manager

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