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Data encryption

Your data in safe hands

The data encryption service ensures that our customers can rest assured that only they have a say in who the data stored in the cloud is shared with.

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Comprehensive protection

With the high level of security of provided services in mind, Polcom provides a solution the aim of which is to protect virtual machines against undesirable access and manipulation attempt.

Data control

Polcom’s cloud data encryption allows customers to self-manage access keys to virtual machines, giving them full control over their virtual environment.

Guided by the choice of an appropriate solution, we cared about providing our patients with the highest possible security level. Polcom turned out to be a reliable partner who does not only fulfil the conditions specified in the agreement, but also tries to meet our current needs.

The main objective of our activity is to create innovative medical solutions, and cooperation with Polcom helps us to execute these assumptions.

Joanna Szyman President of the Management Board at NEO Hospital

We are perfectly aware of the fact that current business reality, especially in the area of business services, requires following innovations and building unique competences which, as a result, enables us to provide customers with comprehensive services that meet their needs. In order to do so, our company is continuously developing its cooperation with foreign companies such as CompTIA or organizations such as IMPSGA, but it is also searching for top quality solutions on the Polish market, such as for example using computational power at one of the most secure centres in Poland, Polcom Data Center.

Roman Rój Vice-president at Blue Brain

I hereby confirm that Polcom with its registered office in Skawina, ul. Krakowska 43 conducts the implementation of Security Operations Center for our company within the framework of the execution of the contract. On the basis of our experience, we can recommend Polcom as a trusted and reliable partner.

Andrzej Karpiński IT Infrastructure Manager

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the major benefits

Data security icon

Data security

Enterprise data stored on virtual servers is accessible only to designated individuals.
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Easy to use

KonektVault is an intuitive application which guarantees rapid transfer of data and downloading of files.
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Secure online platform

Access to virtual machines through a secure web platform. The platform makes it possible to create new virtual machines as well as to manage the available environment.
We build our services on the basis of our own data center
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Modern data centers

Cloud encryption services are provided based on two of Poland’s most modern data centers connected to each other by a fiber optic cable. This ensures the highest quality of services and level of security, as well as guarantees the continuity of systems and applications.

Data encryption on the server

Only authorized persons have access to data stored in the cloud, which eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. This provides a kind of firewall to protect virtual machines from leaking personal and company data of a given company.

Easy and efficient encryption process in the cloud

New virtual machines are started independently by individuals with the appropriate level of authorization, according to a pre-agreed pattern. At the time of creating a new machine, the customer can precisely indicate the machines that should be included in the encryption process.

Encrypted cloud guarantees security

The service enforces a number of safeguards to ensure complete separation. This means that only administrators and users of the virtual machine have access to the secured machine and the data processed on them.

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