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DoS / DDoS Protection

Full security of your web applications

DoS/DDoS attacks are one of the most popular attacks on the web or systems, and at the same time, one of the most dangerous ones. Polcom’s Anti-DDoS is a service which makes it possible to efficiently identify and isolate suspicious traffic within the scope of DDoS attacks.

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Anti-DDoS by Polcom

The main goal of DoS/DDoS attacks is to hinder or prevent access to network services. The result is non-functioning or unstable operation of customer services, leading to financial and image losses.

DDoS protection by Polcom is a service that allows effective identification and isolation of suspicious traffic in DDoS type attacks.

Attack mitigation

Attack mitigation takes place on several levels – from operator links to access to applications. Systems are monitored and managed by Polcom in a 24/7 mode, which ensures the shortest response time to incidents occurring in the network.

The service allows detecting irregularities and adjusting appropriate responses (sending messages to the monitoring team, saving samples of bad packets for analysis, sending messages to the server, etc.). Attack mitigation allows reports and graphs to be generated for selected IPs in real-time and historical.

Effective DDoS protection

In order to maintain the highest quality and data security, we are regularly audited by specialized external companies.

This way, all kinds of regulations, procedures and instructions relating to IT security are constantly updated and modified in Polcom. This enables us to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, including banks and financial institutions.

Operation of Anti-DDoS service

Polcom Data Center solutions protect against known volumetric DDoS type attacks. Traffic analysis algorithms allow dynamic adjustment of filters, so as not to unnecessarily block valid IP packets.

They trusted us

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Our migration to Polcom was a great success. Not only did it lead to the improvement of quality of our services, but also increased the level of trust among our clients.

Mondher Toumi CEO Creativ-Ceutical

A continually growing scale of provided services and number of DSI Underground, convinced us to search for a provider of IT solutions whom we could trust. Polcom offers flexible configurations, reliable infrastructure and high level of services thanks to almost 100% SLA guarantee that can be scaled freely depending on the needs of our company.

Mateusz Borkowski DSI Underground, Head of Global IT and Digital Strategy

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Increase in traffic security icon
Increase in traffic security
Full insight into traffic data icon
Full insight into traffic data
Short reaction time in the event of an attack icon
Short reaction time in the event of an attack
Simple and efficient in management icon
Simple and efficient in management
The most efficient Anti-DDoS protection on the market icon
The most efficient Anti-DDoS protection on the market
Protection without any limits regarding the scale and duration time of the attack icon
Protection without any limits regarding the scale and duration time of the attack
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