Mission and values

Make IT for business

Our mission is to make IT simple and better adapted to changing needs of business customers in Poland and abroad.

Trusted and competent partner

We have 30 years of experience on the domestic and global markets.

We value simplicity and availability

We cooperate based on simple and clear principles.

We build tailor-made solutions

Through individual, project-oriented approach we can guarantee precise realization of the customer’s needs.

Business direction

We manage IT infrastructure thanks to which our customers can fully focus on their business challenges.

Cloud direction

Our primary service is cloud computing which allows our customers to optimize investment costs.

Dariusz Majka

Zwykle inwestycje banku w obszarze IT , spełniające wymagania regulatorów rynku to spore wyzwanie. Z kolei profesjonalne ośrodki przetwarzania danych specjalizujące się w dostarczaniu najwyższej jakości usługi IT  spełniają odpowiednie normy i posiadają certyfikaty potwierdzające ich wysoką jakość, w tym są na bieżąco poddawane licznym audytom bezpieczeństwa. Właśnie dlatego zdecydowaliśmy się na zewnętrznego usługodawcę. Polcom gwarantuje nam spełnienie zarówno norm krajowych, międzynarodowych, jak i warunków technicznych.  To wszystko sprawia, że w naszej opinii był to najlepszy z możliwych wyborów.

Dariusz Majka Project Manager w Obszarze IT, Getin NobleBank
Piotr Słanek

Cloud computing directly influences the maintenance of production process continuity which, from our perspective, is of key importance and has an impact on the proper functioning of the whole enterprise. Polcom’s project-oriented approach towards our needs, efficient implementation, and partnership-based attitude should also be emphasized.

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Polcom. We are sure that we can rely on technical support and post-implementation care at any time which strengthens our security and business flexibility. Polcom Data Center is a professional provider of cloud computing services.

Piotr Słanek Production Director at PROTECH
Joanna Szyman

Guided by the choice of an appropriate solution, we cared about providing our patients with the highest possible security level. Polcom turned out to be a reliable partner who does not only fulfil the conditions specified in the agreement, but also tries to meet our current needs.

The main objective of our activity is to create innovative medical solutions, and cooperation with Polcom helps us to execute these assumptions.

Joanna Szyman President of the Management Board at NEO Hospital