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Server colocation in a professional data center

Why is it important for IT infrastructure security?

Data is at the heart of many businesses, which is why securing IT infrastructure has become a key challenge. In response to increasing security and performance requirements, more and more companies are turning to the colocation of servers in professional data centers. According to forecasts by Grand View Research, revenue in the colocation market will grow by around 13.3 percent each year until 2028. Why is colocation increasingly the option of choice for companies across industries regardless of size? What impact does colocation have on the security of IT infrastructure?

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What is server colocation?

Server colocation is not only the placement of equipment in an external facility but also access to advanced services and infrastructure offered by a professional data center. In practice, this means moving your servers to a dedicated space in a data center, where they are under the constant supervision of specialists. Compared to an in-house server room, where the company has to manage its servers and provide the infrastructure itself, co-location allows it to benefit from the high-quality security, cooling, backup power, and internet connectivity offered by the data center.

It is worth noting that colocation is also different from using public cloud services, where the IT infrastructure is managed by the service provider. The solution allows companies to have full control over their hardware, which is key, especially for organizations that require special security features or want to retain full control over their data. In addition, co-location enables integration with existing systems and applications and allows flexible scaling of resources according to business needs.

Typical services offered by a co-location data center include ‘remote hands’, internet connectivity, power, cooling systems, and physical security. In addition, the geographical location of the data center can be crucial, especially for companies operating internationally. Factors such as speed of access and compliance with data storage regulations can be particularly important here.

However, the services offered by data centers for colocation are not limited to the provision of space or infrastructure. Many data centers also offer additional capabilities such as monitoring, equipment management, technical support, and the provision of appropriate levels of security and high availability. In this way, companies can focus on their core business instead of wasting time and resources on IT infrastructure management.

Why is colocation in a professional data centre important for security?

Professional data centres provide advanced security solutions at both the physical and network levels, making server colocation one of the best strategies for ensuring the security of your IT infrastructure. At the physical level, the data centre employs strict access control procedures, 24/7 monitoring and fire protection, which minimises the risk of theft, equipment damage and failures caused by external factors.

In the context of network security, professional centers employ multi-layered security, including firewalls, cyber threat detection systems, and full network traffic monitoring. In this way, data stored in the data center is protected from hacking attacks and unauthorized access.

Managing risk and ensuring the resilience of the IT infrastructure to failures is essential to achieving the desired level of security. Modern centers have redundant power, cooling, and communications systems to minimize the risk of service interruptions caused by hardware faults or hard-to-predict natural disasters. As a result, even in the event of a failure of one of the infrastructure components, services are still available, increasing the reliability of IT systems.

In addition, having security certifications, such as ISO 27001, confirms that the data center adheres to the highest standards of data security, providing additional security for customers using server co-location services. As a result, using professional data center services allows organizations to focus on their business, secure in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is fully protected and resilient to various types of threats.

What does colocation bring?

Colocation of servers in a professional data center brings not only security benefits but also several opportunities that can significantly affect the efficiency and productivity of a company.

Reduction of operating costs is one example of the benefits of server colocation. Compared to maintaining an in-house server room, using the services of a professional data center can result in significant savings, both in terms of operating and capital costs, saving significant resources that can be allocated to other strategic investments.

Benefits of colocation in a professional data center

Access to advanced technology and expertise is another aspect that makes co-location attractive to businesses. Professional data centers often offer the latest technology solutions and highly qualified staff who can provide technical support and advice on IT infrastructure management. Companies can benefit from industry best practices and take advantage of advanced technologies that can accelerate growth and innovation.

Colocating IT infrastructure to a professional data center also allows companies to transfer responsibility for the day-to-day tasks of maintaining and managing the infrastructure to a team of experts. This allows companies to focus on strategic goals and innovation rather than on day-to-day technical issues.

Today’s businesses attach great importance to the security and operational efficiency of their IT infrastructure, which is why they are increasingly choosing to co-locate their servers in a professional data center. In the face of an increasing number of cyber-attacks, hardware failures, and natural disasters, ensuring the security and business continuity of the IT infrastructure is becoming a key factor for business success.

Data center colocation offers a high level of protection and reliability, allowing businesses to focus on strategic goals and innovation without worrying about the security and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. With access to advanced technology and expertise, companies can benefit from industry best practices and leverage advanced technologies to accelerate growth and innovation.

Therefore, considering server co-location can help strengthen security, improve operational efficiency, and overall increase a company’s competitiveness in the market. Colocation in a professional data center is not only an investment in the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure, but also an opportunity for business development and growth.

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