Polcom IFS Cloud Platform

Full efficiency of IFS ERP in Polcom’s cloud

Maintaining IFS ERP software in the cloud has many benefits. The company does not have to incur investment and operational costs. By transferring responsibility for the infrastructure to the data center, customers significantly ease the burden on in-house IT departments, which can then focus on supporting the company’s key business processes.

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What are the benefits of the IFS deployment in the cloud? Our customer, Cognor, has found out

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High availability of your ERP system

Polcom offers a certified cloud platform under IFS application, which ensures high availability of IFS Applications and full scalability in case of increased demand for computing power. The shared environment meets the requirements set by the software vendor.

Optimizing ERP implementation costs

The enterprise does not have to incur investment and operating costs. Thanks to the shift of responsibility for infrastructure to the data center, customers relieve their own IT departments to a large extent, which then can deal with the support of key business processes in the company.

Compared to maintaining your own infrastructure, including an ERP system, using the services of a professional data center allows for financial savings of up to 40%.

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The answer to your business needs: IFS Cloud Platform

The cloud platform under IFS application guarantees constant access to systems and applications and reduces the risk of production downtime. The IFS Cloud is fully scalable, effectively increasing the efficiency of your systems and applications. The cloud environment is designed based on your company’s real needs, with a dedicated team of engineers responsible for implementing the solution.

Focusing on the most important aspects of the company

Entrusting the maintenance of the infrastructure to an external data center provider allows companies to focus on their core business and gives them space to expand their internal competencies.

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of the deployment of IFS on Polcom Cloud

High security level icon

High security level

Our solutions help protect your Company's data. So you can meet the key requirements of RODO or protect yourself from attacks.
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The parameters of the environment are scaled according to the current needs of your business. This allows you to run the necessary systems in a matter of moments.
Reduce the implementation time of the new environment project icon

Reduce the implementation time of the new environment project

We put qualified specialists at your disposal, so project implementation takes much less time.
Business continuity icon

Business continuity

The global nature of Polcom's services and distributed cloud infrastructure allow us to provide the highest level of business continuity for your business.
Guaranteed servicesservice accessibility icon

Guaranteed servicesservice accessibility

We provide a guaranteed level of service confirmed by a separate SLA agreement.
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Up to 40% lower cost of project deployment of IFS software on a new IT environment in comparison with the on-premises model.
We build our services on the basis of our own data center

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