Backup data center

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Backup IT infrastructure guarantees that in the event of unforeseeable events your key systems will be quickly restored to operation.

DRC services - your data in safe hands

Making a backup data center available is one of the fundamental elements of the Disaster Recovery service. It provides an opportunity to switch over all the services and operating activity from the primary location to a backup data center. The highest security level and business continuity are maintained during the operation.

  • Two independent data centers located in two different places: Skawina and Alwernia. Their location has been analyzed regarding many factors that could possibly influence the risk the operations of IT environments
  • Both data centers, which have almost identical structure and level of service quality, make it possible to create redundant solutions which provide an even higher level of security
  • A direct connection between two centers through dedicated links guarantees a highly efficient infrastructure on the highest level
  • Each of Polcom centers has at its disposal fiber optic ports from various telecommunication operators on which any operating services can be provided
  • Both Polcom centers are connected with each other by completely independent fiber optic cables

Backup data center


Moving the IT infrastructure to one of the Polcom’s data processing centers
For whom?

You have your own infrastructure and you need a backup data center

Cloud computing

Polcom provides computing power resources for your systems and applications. For whom?
For whom?

You want to properly secure your systems and applications without having to purchase additional IT equipment

Polcom Data Center

Polcom Data Center – as the company’s backup data center, offers full IT, telecommunications and office infrastructure. As a result, the switchover of all operational activities from the company’s headquarters to the alternate one is carried out smoothly.

Minimal risk

The solution makes it possible to minimize the risk of losing control of the processes of managing an enterprise in the event of any critical situation.

Polcom’s centers are some of the most modern data centers located in Poland that meet the requirements of infrastructure availability and reliability.

Rapid response to sudden and unforeseen events

Polcom owns two secure centers that are far enough apart to guarantee safety in the event of a regional disaster, but close enough to be able to handle the most advanced delay-sensitive scenarios.

Guarantee application performance with Disaster Recovery Center services

This allows us to successfully meet such needs as guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation of applications essential to the proper functioning of your business.

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Guarantee of service accessibility icon
Guarantee of service accessibility
Maintenance of continuity of system operations icon
Maintenance of continuity of system operations
The highest security level of services confirmed by international certificates. icon
The highest security level of services confirmed by international certificates
Maintenance of the required reaction time in the event of a disaster icon
Maintenance of the required reaction time in the event of a disaster

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