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Polcom ERP Platform

Digital transformation of your company with Polcom Cloud

Implementation of ERP systems on Polcom cloud platform minimizes investment costs and provides unlimited scalability.

Why Polcom Cloud?

  • Full administrative care – the benefit for the customer is the ability to focus on the use of the business layer (e.g. SAP system) without the need to take care of the hardware and software platform.
  • Proactive activities – we not only maintain the platform, but also monitor its functioning and proactively advise the customer on how to optimize their performance.
  • Appropriately designed cloud environment – knowledge and experience of our specialists allows us to design an appropriately tailored cloud for ERP, meeting restrictive requirements of suppliers of this type of software.

If you search for solutions which will

Support digital business transformation icon
Support digital business transformation
Increase reliability and continuity of operations icon
Increase reliability and continuity of operations
Increase IT flexibility and adapt it to current business needs icon
Increase IT flexibility and adapt it to current business needs
Optimize IT costs icon
Optimize IT costs

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Polcom MICROSOFT DYNAMICS Cloud Platform icon

Polcom MICROSOFT DYNAMICS Cloud Platform

Do you want to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and, at the same time, ensure mobility and flexibility of the system?
Polcom COMARCH XL Cloud Platform icon

Polcom COMARCH XL Cloud Platform

Would you like to minimize the costs related to the deployment of Comarch XL?
Polcom ENOVA Cloud Platform icon

Polcom ENOVA Cloud Platform

Do you want to deploy the Enova system in your enterprise quickly?
Polcom INFOR Cloud Platform icon

Polcom INFOR Cloud Platform

You want to deploy the INFOR software in your company and increase security?
Polcom IFS Cloud Platform icon

Polcom IFS Cloud Platform

You are planning to deploy the IFS system and would like to know the exact operating and investment costs?
Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP icon

Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP

Are you looking for a quick and scalable cloud platform for SAP and SAP HANA?

Key benefits of cloud ERP at Polcom

Implementation of ERP software based on cloud computing ensures adequate performance and continuity of business operations. It is also a predictable cost model, thanks to which companies significantly reduce expenses related to the maintenance of IT infrastructure. Service model makes the client incur costs only for the real consumption of IT resources.

Cloud ERP platform allows full scalability and accelerates the process of application implementation. Cloud ERP does not require the company to design an environment from scratch – Polcom guarantees a dedicated solution, fully tailored to customer needs.

Security thanks to cloud platform

ERP cloud at Polcom increases the level of data security. We regularly undergo numerous audits and hold international certificates, including ISO 27017, which confirms compliance with security management standards in cloud computing.

Cloud ERP in the most modern centers in Poland

Polcom owns two data processing centers in Poland and a modern infrastructure, which guarantees system and application reliability. Constant availability eliminates the risk of production downtime, which can generate losses that are often difficult to assess.

Case study

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NEO Hospital is a group of medical units which includes: Szpital na Klinach in Kraków, The Robotic Surgery Centre and a group of ambulatory consulting rooms. The main objective of…

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Creativ-Ceutical is an international consulting company dealing with the support of the “life science” industry within the scope of making strategic decisions, price advisory services, market research and health economics,…

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