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Polcom PaaS

Launch any application - quickly, in a simple and secure way

Within the framework of the Platform as a Service we provide a complete system environment essential for the deployment of an application in your company.

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Complete environment to launch any business application

Polcom PaaS makes it possible to use a professional IT platform in a service model. It is a complete environment for the deployment of any business application.  PaaS for companies allows you to run any application in the computing cloud, necessary for the proper functioning of the enterprise and building competitive advantage in the market.

No need to purchase own IT resources and proactive approach of Polcom specialists in the area of system operation optimization allow for significant reduction of investment costs.

Unlimited possibilities with PaaS

The platform as a PaaS service provides unlimited possibilities for resource scaling, and thus for business development. Complete system environment is fully customized to individual customer needs and provides a guarantee of reliability and continuity of operation.

Applications in the cloud

The cloud platform on which the systems or applications are based, speeds up implementation time, and all activities related to implementation, management or updating are on the side of the service provider. The functioning of the platform is monitored by Polcom operators 24/7/365.

Cloud platform under control

Polcom periodically undergoes a series of audits related to ensuring adequate security of the company’s data and personal data processed. We protect data in accordance with the requirements of the EU GDPR regulation, and we protect it against loss, theft and intrusion.

Simple conditions, clear benefits

The service is adapted to each stage of the cycle of the application: building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating icon
The service is adapted to each stage of the cycle of the application: building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating.
Responsibility for the safety and stability of platform operations icon
Responsibility for the safety and stability of platform operations.
Service optimization regarding specific software icon
Service optimization regarding specific software.
Guarantee of accessibility (SLA) icon
Guarantee of accessibility (SLA).
Shortening of the deployment time of new projects icon
Shortening of the deployment time of new projects.
Flexibility and scalability icon
Flexibility and scalability.

Using the Polcom’s offer didn’t require from us any expenditures connected with the purchase of IT infrastructure. We also avoided excessive amount of hardware. Instead, we received a dedicated environment which we successfully avail ourselves of.

Jacek Fert Dyrektor Director of the IT Department

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