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Sfinks Polska S.A. in Polcom’s cloud computing

Industry:food services, restaurant chain
Key service:Cloud infrastructure (laaS), SaaS, Backup

Sfinks Polska S.A. is the largest restaurant company in the casual dining sector in Poland with its registered office in Piaseczno. The company manages the following chains: Sphinx, Piwiarnia Warki, Chłopskie Jadło, Bolek pub and Fabryka Pizzy located on the territory of the whole Poland. The history of the company dates back to 1995 when the first Sfinks restaurant was opened.


In connection with launching of a new application for managing the chain of eating places,

Sfinks Polska was searching for support within the scope of adaptation of appropriate infrastructure for the implemented solution.

From the beginning the company was taking into consideration implementation within the framework of cloud computing. Building one’s own server room was an expensive solution.


The business analysis indicated that the purchasing model of IT infrastructure would not provide the company with measurable benefits.

Out of the few cloud computing solutions taken into consideration by Sfinks Polska, Polcom was chosen.

Polcom, in cooperation with the specialists from Sfinks Polska, launched a fully functional cloud-based IT platform which guaranteed full scalability and integrity with other systems that have already been used by Sfinks Polska.

Key results and benefits

Cost optimization

Cloud computing services provided by Polcom made optimization of the investment costs possible.


Migration to the cloud computing model made it possible to significantly increase flexibility of the IT department in relation to business changes connected with the implementation of new technologies.

Security of provided services

The highest standards of security of centers are a very important element. Polcom received quality certificates that provide Sfinks Polska with management of confidentiality and availability of business information – ISO 270001, 27017, 9001, and it implemented efficient data protection procedures, including personal data.


The reason why we decided to migrate to the cloud environment of Polcom Data Center was willingness to increase security of our systems. We wanted them to be available for our customers and employees.

On the other hand, we also conducted an analysis of costs of maintenance of our own server room which indicated that the service model offered by POLCOM would enable us to significantly optimize IT investment costs. In this situation the decision was obvious. We can recommend Polcom Data Center as a trusted and reliable provider of cloud computing services.

Grzegorz Dziekan Director of the IT Department at Sfinks Polska

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