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Polcom Comarch XL Cloud Platform

Your ERP in the best hands

Comarch ERP XL is one of the most known ERP-class systems on the Polish market which is characterized by a modular architecture. The software is dedicated to medium-sized and large production, commercial and service companies. The platform for ERP XL software offered by Polcom meets all the requirements of the software manufacturer. We also offer full support in the deployment process and deployment of the service.

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Case Study

What are the benefits of the ERP system deployment in the cloud?

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Polcom Cloud - safe platform

Implementation of ERP COMARCH XL on Polcom’s service platform allows flexible and secure use of the system’s capabilities. In the interest of security, we also ensure that our clients’ data is properly protected from any outside interference by, among other things, encrypting data transmission using an SSL key.

Comarch XL in the cloud

Our Customers receive full support throughout the migration process. In case of the deployed ERP system we provide system migration to cloud computing. We take an individual approach to each project, and as part of the service the client is guaranteed full support and care of the project by experienced specialists and engineers.

Comarch ERP XL

The process of digital transformation has accelerated, and with it the needs and requirements of customers have begun to change. Comarch ERP XL provided in a service model allows for any expansion or contraction of services depending on current market expectations.

Even greater business opportunities with Comarch XL cloud platform

Comarch XL in the cloud also means cost optimization and the ability to focus on core business. By implementing an ERP system based on the cloud model, a company does not need to invest in IT hardware and maintain its own infrastructure.

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More and more companies are choosing to implement ERP systems in Polcom's cloud model. Why?

– data processing centers are subjected to regular audits, which confirm the highest standards of quality and security

– we provide constant monitoring of the cloud platform under ERP and round-the-clock maintenance provided by qualified specialists

– we meet the requirements of ERP software providers and are responsible for ensuring business continuity, which allows to significantly improve processes within the organization

– cloud computing is a professional IT environment dedicated to, among other things, systems that effectively support business management and help build a competitive advantage


of deploying of COMARCH XL on Polcom Cloud

High security level icon

High security level

Our solutions help protect your Company's data. So you can meet the key requirements of RODO or protect yourself from attacks.
Scalability icon


The parameters of the environment are scaled according to the current needs of your business. This allows you to run the necessary systems in a matter of moments.
Reduce the implementation time of the new environment project icon

Reduce the implementation time of the new environment project

We put qualified specialists at your disposal, so project implementation takes much less time.
Business continuity icon

Business continuity

The global nature of Polcom's services and distributed cloud infrastructure allow us to provide the highest level of business continuity for your business.
Cost optimization icon

Cost optimization

You don't have to invest in buying additional IT equipment when implementing a new system. With cloud computing, the costs are spread out over time and are fully predictable.
Guaranteed servicesservice accessibility icon

Guaranteed servicesservice accessibility

We provide a guaranteed level of service confirmed by a separate SLA agreement.
We build our services on the basis of our own data center

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