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Yawal uses cloud computing at Polcom Data Center

Industry:Production and industry of modern aluminum systems
Key service:Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) for IFS Application

Yawal SA is one of the largest suppliers of architectonic systems of aluminum profiles in Poland with over 25 years of experience. The company’s comprehensive aluminum systems are exported to the whole Europe and to over 50 countries all over the world.


The company faced the challenge of implementing a new ERP IFS Application system.

Dispersed server infrastructure of the company and its dynamic development resulted in the need to search for alternative models of obtaining IT in the company. From the perspective of time, the issue related to the costs of development and maintenance of one’s own IT resources, which were difficult to evaluate precisely with regard to the dynamics of the occurring changes, was also becoming more and more visible.


The company’s needs were satisfied by the cloud computing model at Polcom which did not only influence cost optimization related to maintenance of dispersed IT infrastructure but also influences the increase in data security level in the company.

Secure and efficient implementation of the new IFS Application system was provided by the largest and most modern Polcom’s cloud computing. Cloud computing made it possible to centralize the company’s IT infrastructure, thanks to which the company gained business flexibility and freedom of planning further steps of the company development. Currently, the need to buy IT “on the off-chance” due to the continuous development of the company has been eliminated, whereas the potential hardware does not generate unnecessary costs when it is not being used.

International quality standards and care for proper security of data guaranteed by Polcom provided the company with stability of action and efficiency in the company’s data protection procedures.

Key results and benefits

Cost optimization

The company optimized the investment costs related to the development of its own server room as well as the maintenance and purchase of required hardware.

Secure and quick implementation of the new ERP IFS Application system

Polcom owns the largest and most modern cloud computing which enabled the company to implement the IFS Application System in an efficient way.

Increase in the level of data security

International certificates, including ISO 27017 that confirms the compliance of the system management of data security in the cloud, had an influence on the increase in the data protection level.

Availability of IT environment

Continuous availability of all the necessary systems eliminated the risk of production downtime that could generate additional costs for the company.

Scalable IT environment

The cloud computing model at Polcom is fully scalable thanks to which company business requirements are met on an ongoing basis.


The cloud computing model offered by Polcom is an answer to our business needs. Transferring the disperse IT infrastructure to Polcom and the implementation of the ERP IFS Application system went smoothly and safely. The help and assistance of Polcom’s specialists at every stage of the project should also be mentioned.

The cloud computing model enabled us to increase the security level, availability of key systems and applications which influence stability of the production process that is the core of our activity. We can recommend Polcom as a professional provider of cloud computing services with a partnership-based approach.


Andrzej Przerada IT System Administrator at Yawal S.A.

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