KonektMail: dedykowana poczta elektroniczna background

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compliant with European Union regulations and the Schrems II ruling

KonektMail is a Polish application dedicated to group work ensuring security of processed data, including personal data, and scalability to business needs.

Email service compliant with EU requirements

On July 16, 2020, the EU Court of Justice repealed the Privacy Shield, an instrument that facilitates the transfer of data from the Union to the US. The ruling leads to increased obligations for data protection authorities (e.g., Poland’s DPA) to verify that Europeans’ data sent outside the Union is safe in third countries.

Email based on Polish IT resources

Because we realize that the email service is crucial to data security policy, we have provided a dedicated email service that is based on our cloud platform, built on our own data centers located in Poland.

KonektMail secure email service

KonektMail is based on providing email in a cloud model, and can be used by any web browser and mobile devices, among others. The solution was created for any enterprise for which group work is important.

Tools available in KonektMail

Email service Email service
Calendar service Calendar service
Creating a meeting Creating a meeting
Application management Application management

Dedicated email tailored to your needs

Customization of the service to meet the needs of the company makes it possible to implement environments of any scale, from a few dozen users to many thousands of users. KonektMail allows you to send messages to recipients efficiently, even when attaching large files or high-resolution graphics.

Secure communication

Polcom provides KonekMail email service based on two, in-house data centers located in Poland.


Learn about the main benefits

Quality and certificates icon
Polcom holds numerous international certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017.
Low maintenance costs icon
Using a SaaS model application is much cheaper than creating your own IT architecture necessary for the application to function.
Data archiving icon
The KonektMail service provides users with data archiving thanks to which your data are secured.
High level of security icon
The application provides anti-virus and anti-spam protection thanks to which your data will not leak outside
Customer service provided 24/7/365 by a specialized team icon
We provide three support lines in the monitoring center and respond to requests on a 24/7 basis.
Polcom is one of the most modern data centers located in Poland which meet the requirements concerning infrastructure accessibility and reliability icon
Polcom has the highest standard of data protection, including cloud data protection confirmed by ISO 27017 certification.

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