IT Compliance background


Regulations and compliance

Secure data of an organization in accordance with the law in force

The activity of my company submits to plenty of market regulators that is why meeting the standards and security procedures is a key aspect in my industry.


Meeting the standards and regulations required by external institutions and the law.

Have you already taken care of minimizing the legal risk related to data processing in your enterprise? Have you taken care of data security compliant with the standards?

Each irregularity or negligence within the scope of legal regulations and compliance is connected with numerous consequences, starting from pecuniary penalty and profit loss, ending with, in extreme cases, bankruptcy.

Start acting!

Appropriate actions related to security in a broad sense, and meeting the imposed standards are essential for the proper functioning of a company. Enterprises aware of potential risks pay attention to ensuring the required permissions and certificates which prove quality of provided services.

How do they do that?



Avail yourself of the services of an external service provider who meets the regulations and compliance.

Meeting the requirements of numerous regulations requires proficiency within the scope of the changing standards and the need for changing the approach. It also means continuous monitoring and care for the quality of services. It is essential to deploy appropriate technological solutions, monitor the risk, implement procedural and organizational proceedings, and employ specialists.

Many financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies and energy companies use professional data center services for that purpose.

Thanks to that they can effectively manage the area of compliance and provide their customers with top quality services, also in unexpected situations.

Polcom’s standards and certificates

Security of our customers’ data is of key significance to us. We continually do our best so that the services follow the highest international standards.

  • ISO 27001 – data security management
  • ISO 27017 – cloud security management
  • ISO 9001 – quality management
  • PSI DSS Certification – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Ensuring an appropriate security level within the scope of processing of personal data of payment card holders
  • Compliance with the guidelines of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • Meeting the requirements of the EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). It was established to encourage banking institutions to digitalization with the use of cloud services.
  • Compliance with the GDPR

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Disaster Recovery Office

The Disaster Recovery Office (DRO) service secures business continuity of an organization thanks to the maintenance of key processes in a properly prepared backup environment in case of unexpected events. The DRO service enables companies who must have a business continuity plan to quickly adapt to the requirements and significantly reduce the risk in the event of a disaster.

Polcom Security Operations Center

The Security Operations Center (SOC) operates 24/7. It consists in monitoring the security incidents and reacting to various kinds of anomalies in this area. The SOC helps to meet the requirements and security standards (the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, PCI-DSS, the GDPR, the act on cybersecurity, among other things).


KonektSec is a service which makes comprehensive management of processes related to personal data processing possible. Thanks to that it is possible to report all kinds of data protection violation incidents, pursuant to the article 33 of the GDPR, and to reconstruct the whole course.

Physical security

Move your IT infrastructure to a secure and properly prepared environment with an external data center and leave the security issues to qualified and experienced specialists.

Protection against blackmail

Secure your data and web applications against online attacks. Avail yourself of the service which efficiently identifies and isolates suspicious website traffic.

Personal data protection

Detecting security incidents related to personal data and appropriate reaction to this type of attacks is of key importance for companies. Save precious time and choose the fastest way of handling the incidents.

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