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Application monitoring

Prepare the company for unexpected loads on the IT environment.

Nowadays, Internet applications and systems available online are the basis for the provision of services for companies. How to increase the level of their security?

Your applications under control

Accessibility and reliability of Internet applications is of key significance for proper business operations.

The Polcom Application Behavior Monitoring service makes it possible to monitor work parameters of Internet services and applications online in real time.

Learn about the major benefits

Control over efficiency Control over efficiency
Cost optimization Cost optimization
Monitoring of parameters in real time Monitoring of parameters in real time
Total control over the IT environment Total control over the IT environment

Full application monitoring

The solution creates a map of behaviors of end users of an application in various cycles, on the basis of which models are created which make it possible to predict loads on the environment. Thanks to that a total control over efficiency of the IT environment is possible.

The most important functionalities

Polcom Application Behavior Monitoring sends alerts in a situation when currently noted load differs from the one foreseen by the map of users’ behavior which may be a sign of anomalies in the operation of the IT environment.

The service makes it possible to optimally exploit the resources not only on the application level but also on the levels of databases, business analytics and others.

The service makes it possible to react to problems with the application operation more quickly also regarding the analysis of functioning of particular application processes.

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