Jakie są rodzaje migracji IT? background
Judyta Polak

Project of migration to Polcom’s cloud awarded in the Best in Cloud 2018 competition!

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DSI Underground was awarded for the project of migration to Polcom’s cloud in the prestigious Best in Cloud 2018 competition held by Computerworld. Above all, boldness in the implementation and scope of business benefits the company gained thanks to Polcom’s cloud were emphasized.

Jakie są rodzaje migracji IT?

The objective of the Best in Cloud competition is to disseminate and promote the best and worth following ways of cloud computing application. Among the companies which submitted their projects to the competition were, among others, Agora SA, Circle K, Hochtief Polska, Empik SA and WiseEuropa. The jury of the competition emphasized that the project of DSI Underground’s migration to Polcom’s cloud had drawn its attention due to the benefits the company gained such as: speed of implementation, cost optimization of the implementation of the new ERP system by almost 45%, and a significant increase in the efficiency and security of all the systems.

DSI Underground is an international company providing services related to tunneling, mining, road construction and geotechnics. The company employs over 2100 employees all over the world and conducts its business activity in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the regions of Asia and the Pacific, North and South America. Nowadays, the company provides its services in 95 countries all over the world. The European branch of DSI Underground contains 21 sub-branches and its yearly sales amount to over EUR 261 MLN.

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