Polcom KaaS

Kubernetes as a Service

This service provides access to open-source software for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

As part of the service, we provide the comprehensive system environment required to implement the application in your company.

Stable open-source solution

Kubernetes is a container management system that facilitates the orchestration, lifecycle management, and scaling of containerized applications. The solution also provides many other advanced features such as auto-scaling, failure handling, logging, and support for various extensions and additional components. This makes it a powerful tool for managing containers and applications in a cloud environment. The tool is created and developed by an extensive community, which ensures that the system is constantly being improved, and adapted to current needs and modern technologies.

Kubernetes in Polcom Cloud

Polcom Cloud offers deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters in the cloud. The platform provides a scalable and highly available infrastructure, making it easy to launch and maintain environments with optimal performance. Data is stored in Poland, following the highest security and quality standards and Polish legislation. ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27010 certifications confirm the advanced infrastructure and compliance with the highest industry standards.

As part of Kubernetes as a Service, we offer:

Configured IT platform Configured IT platform
Flexible environment Flexible environment
High level of service security High level of service security

Easy to manage

The solution offers a simple interface for managing and monitoring Kubernetes-based containers.

Quick implementation

By automating many processes, the project life cycle can be shortened and the delivery of new features to users can be accelerated.

Flexibility and scalability

With features such as scaling, the infrastructure can adapt to changing needs, resulting in better application performance.


Advanced security features, including container isolation and access management, are effective tools in ensuring that applications are protected from potential threats.

Reduction of operating costs

KaaS contributes to reducing operational costs by eliminating the need for human resources to manually manage the infrastructure.

Open-source software

This tool, developed by a broad community, is constantly evolving and adapting to current technologies. We ensure no vendor lock-in and ongoing identification and correction of errors.

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