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Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP

Quick and scalable cloud platform for SAP and SAP HANA

The SAP software is one of the most popular ERP solutions available on the market. The system efficiently supports management of an enterprise and facilitates the functioning of a company and makes it possible to efficiently control processes within the enterprise. The comprehensive nature of the system requires dedicated and efficient IT infrastructure.

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Case Study

Comparison of maintenance costs of the SAP HANA system at a data center and the purchase of one’s own equipment

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High-performance cloud platform for SAP and SAP HANA

Polcom offers a high-performance PaaS platform which ensures high accessibility of the system and full scalability in the event of an increase in demand for computing power. The provided environment meets the requirements specified by the software manufacturer.

Security and high availability

Choosing the Polcom PaaS platform does not only guarantee high accessibility and security, but also saves time and reduces costs resulting from the need to invest in additional IT equipment and its maintenance.

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Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP for business

SAP software implemented on the basis of a cloud model is a solution that allows you to further improve the functioning of your business. The Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP service consists in providing an optimized virtual server environment, and as part of it, the customer receives full support from specialists and comprehensive administrative care.

Secure IT environment for SAP software

Polcom Cloud Platform for SAP solution is a guarantee of security and business continuity. 10 years of experience in providing cloud computing services, the highest quality of security confirmed by international certificates, including ISO 27017, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and two state-of-the-art data centers in Poland testify to the highest quality of services.

The cloud service provider is responsible for the proper functioning of the application, in addition, software maintained in the cloud model significantly frees up the time of IT departments, so they can focus on the core business.

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of deploying of SAP HANA on Polcom Cloud

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Up to 40% lower cost of project deployment of SAP / SAP HANA software on a new IT environment in comparison with the on-premises model.
Meet SAP requirements icon

Meet SAP requirements

The application of a dedicated appliance carried out by SAP and SAP HANA certified engineers.
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The parameters of the environment are scaled according to the current needs of your business. This allows you to run the necessary systems in a matter of moments.
Reduce the implementation time of the new environment project icon

Reduce the implementation time of the new environment project

We put qualified specialists at your disposal, so project implementation takes much less time.
High security level icon

High security level

Our solutions help protect your Company's data. So you can meet the key requirements of RODO or protect yourself from attacks.
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Business continuity

The global nature of Polcom's services and distributed cloud infrastructure allow us to provide the highest level of business continuity for your business.
We build our services on the basis of our own data center

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Using the Polcom’s offer didn’t require from us any expenditures connected with the purchase of IT infrastructure. We also avoided excessive amount of hardware. Instead, we received a dedicated environment which we successfully avail ourselves of.

Jacek Fert Dyrektor Director of the IT Department

Before making a decision about migration of a system that was of key importance for us to cloud environment we had conducted a detailed analysis of many models and solutions available on the market. Due to the fact that optimization of investment costs and maintenance of continuity of operations of systems supporting production in our factories was a key element was for us, we decided to choose cloud computing at Polcom Data Center. Polcom guarantees the highest level of security of services and project-oriented approach at every stage.

Lech Barszczewski IT Director