Data Center

Data Center Skawina

A safe haven for your data


Data Center

Main features
  • Year of putting into service: 2011
  • Area – 6,000 m²
  • Guaranteed accessibility of services
  • Power: 15 MW
  • Location: Skawina near Cracow
  • Redundant fiber optic cable connecting DC Alwernia with DC Skawina
  • Twelve independent operators, two telecommunications rooms
  • Independent paths for providers, 4 approaches to the building
  • Redundant access node to the Internet with DDoS protection
  • Round-the-clock physical security
  • Extensive access control and antiburglary systems
  • CCTV system
  • Building monitoring system (BMS) that controls the operation of all devices in the data center
  • Licensed security staff hired by a licensed security agency
  • 24/7 intervention group
  • Multi-tier access control
  • Constant CCTV monitoring
  • Building Management System
Fire safety
  • Redundant extinguishing system, double set of cylinders
  • Demarcated fire zones of fire-resistance rating of up to EI90
  • Detection of fire based on early smoke detection system
  • Extinguishing system with the use of gas neutral for people, equipment, and environment
Power supply
  • Two underground medium-voltage power connections 15kV
  • Backup power generators in a N or N+1 architecture
  • Distribution of power in a 2N architecture
  • UPS backup power supply system even in a 2(N+1) architecture
  • Power supply system prepared to provide up to 15kW/RACK
  • Fuel tanks of 50,000 liters
  • Extensive system of monitoring power supply parameters
  • Two independent sources of cold
  • Redundant system of precision air-conditioning
  • Redundant water chiller system
  • Two redundant distribution paths for chilled water
  • Cooling capacity of up to 15kW/RACK
  • Free cooling – reduction of exploitation costs
Quality and certificates
  • ISO 27001:2017
  • ISO 27017:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
Ecology and energy efficiency
  • Passive energy sources (free cooling, location of the facility)
  • Green roof
  • Photovoltaic farm

We meet international standards

Our centers – both the data processing center in Skawina and Alwernia – meet the criteria required by the projects, often exceeding the standard of the indicated standards and recommendations.

We care about green energy sources

From the beginning, we care about ecology and feel responsible for the environment. We increase the energy efficiency of Polcom’s data centers, including the data center in Skawina, because we see real benefits for our customers.

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