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Telbit uses Polcom cloud

Branch:IT, New technologies
Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

Telbit Teleinformatyka delivers specialized solutions in the field of dedicated software, low-current installations, and also offers and services fiscal cash registers. Among Telbit’s clients are some of the largest restaurant and supermarket chains in Poland.


In order to maintain competitiveness in the market, Telbit Teleinformatyka makes every effort to optimize its key business processes.

With the growing interest in the company’s wide range of services, the existing IT resources have become insufficient. To meet market demands and ensure high service availability, the company sought an efficient and fully scalable IT infrastructure. Additionally, in the face of increasing cyber threats, ensuring the security and protection of sensitive corporate data against hacking attacks became a crucial aspect.


The company was looking for a trusted partner who could support them in their daily operations by providing a scalable and highly secure IT infrastructure. By choosing Polcom Cloud, the company gained the ability to manage a fully secure and business-tailored IT environment, while increasing the availability of its key services.

Telbit thus gained the assurance that its crucial business data is properly protected against loss and cyber-attacks, and any potential threats are immediately detected and mitigated. Polcom, as a provider of comprehensive IT services, ensures a high level of security, as confirmed by numerous certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 27017.

It is also worth noting that Polcom undergoes regular security audits. The Polcom Cloud service enabled Telbit to flexibly manage its IT environment, meaning the company only pays for the IT resources utilized at any given time, significantly optimizing the costs associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Moreover, the use of cutting-edge technologies directly translates into strengthening the company’s market position and building competitive advantages.



Polcom possesses numerous certifications and modern data centers, which guarantee the highest security and quality standards and contribute to the uninterrupted operation of Telbit’s systems

Cost optimization

By adopting cloud solutions, Telbit has optimized its IT-related investment costs. The saved resources can be used for continuous business development investments

Scalable IT environment

By leveraging cloud computing infrastructure, the company has increased the scalability of its IT environment without the risk of interruptions in accessing key corporate resources


I recommend Polcom as a reliable and professional provider of cloud services with a partnership approach. We decided to collaborate because, like any IT company, the security of our IT systems is a crucial aspect for us.

Working with Polcom has given us the assurance that our corporate data is protected according to international standards. With cloud services, our company has gained flexibility in managing IT resources while optimizing costs associated with purchasing and maintaining our own IT infrastructure. Polcom’s modern solutions have helped us increase the efficiency of our business processes and improve the quality of our services.

Maciej Chęć CEO

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