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KFA Armatura uses cloud services in Polcom Data Center

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KFA Armatura is a leading company among producers of modern solutions of sanitary fitting and heating systems. The company beginning dates back nearly 100 years of history, during which the firm has grown from a small family-business into a leading producer in the country and abroad. KFA Armatura offers customers a comprehensive range of bathroom equipment, and own research and development department allows the company to precisely control the quality of the products.


The beginnings of KFA Armatura date back to 1922. The company was originally a small family-owned business producing fitting parts and similar items in the area of casting non-ferrous metals.

Over time, the scale of KFA Armatura business, the range of products offered, the number of employees and the data processed has increased significantly. In addition, rising of customers expectation, growing demand for new products and escalating scale of business have brought the need to expand the IT infrastructure.
As a result, the costs of expanding and maintaining own IT resources became increasingly difficult to estimate. Which is why the company started looking for a solution that would provide a flexible IT environment with specialized support tailored to market trends and current customer needs.


For KFA Armatura, the maximum elimination of production downtime and full control over product manufacturing processes are key elements in the proper functioning of the company and the ability to be competitive on the market.

A financial analysis revealed that using the services of a professional data center would be the most optimal solution, and a thorough market analysis led to the company’s decision to locate its resources in the Polcom Data Center

KFA Armatura uses comprehensive and secure environment in the cloud computing model. Firm gained a business continuity guarantee without incurring additional investment costs and has increased the security level of company data against various attacks and threats, such as sudden system shutdowns and the loss or damage of data.

Cloud computing provides the company with unlimited scalability and adaptation to the current needs of its customers, regardless of market changes.

All IT resources are available in a service model charged on a monthly subscription basis. As a result, the company pays only for the actual consumption of the infrastructure and is able to plan future investments in company growth even more effectively


Business continuity

With Polcom’s two independent data centers KFA Armatura has gained a guarantee of continuity of systems and applications in the event of unforeseen events


Cloud model allows the company to remain flexible and provides unlimited scalability to match market fluctuations

Cost optimization

Cloud computing has resulted in significant cost optimization and has made it possible to plan future investments more precisely


KFA Armatura is guaranted data security on the highest international level confirmed by numerous certificates, including ISO 27001 and ISO 27017


An integral part of being competitive is an ongoing dedication to quality and openness to the customers’ needs.
For KFA Armatura, where huge amount of data are processed, data stability and security are crucial. We chose cloud computing at Polcom because of the company rapid growth and constantly rising needs –those of our clients but also internal, such as improving planning and production processes.

The guaranteed business continuity and system scalability effectively support us in developing company and allows us to focus on the core business.

Jarosław Grzona Head of IT Department

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