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Polcom invests in development

Even greater Polcom Cloud security

We have just completed the first stage of works connected with the development of data center infrastructure. In the second stage, the development of Polcom Cloud resources will take place. The company’s actions are dictated by the effect of an increasing demand for, above all, cloud computing services.

Jak wybrać data center?

Increased demand for services

The decision about investments, including the development of Polcom’s infrastructure, was dictated by the 30% increase in the sales of cloud computing services (year by year). Moreover, a dynamic development of the company on global markets, among other things, in Australia, and North and South America, contributed to that as well.

We observe an even greater awareness of business customers related to data security, both on the technical and procedural levels. Companies more eagerly avail themselves of professional services of data centers which have to meet the highest security standards. A regular increase in the number of customers causes us to continuously develop our infrastructure so that we can guarantee the highest quality of servicesMarcin Gwóźdź, President of the Management Board at Polcom.

Development of infrastructure

Polcom’s development plans are also an answer to the prognosis on the energy market in the nearest years. As a result, the company has conducted a reconstruction and development of infrastructure connected with data center maintenance. The objective of the conducted works was to increase the security of services by increasing the cooling and energy capacity. Therefore, the company has built a photovoltaic farm and developed the cooling system infrastructure. The cooling capacity has been increased by additional 2.85 MW. The power supply system has also been developed and power supply generators with a total capacity of 3 MW have been installed.

Thanks to the first stage of investments, through the increase energy security, we are able to provide our customers with even higher standards in their business continuity management. The whole development process has increased our energy efficiency, and, therefore, security of our services. During the second stage of works we want to develop the cloud computing platform (Polcom Cloud) on the basis of which the company provides its services to over 300 customers in Poland and all over the world. We will inform you about the details at the end of the yearMarcin Gwóźdź adds.

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