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What IT solutions are worth investing in this area?

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Investment in cloud technologies is going strong. According to forecasts by IDC and Forrester, global spending on cloud computing will exceed USD 3 trillion in 2024. What is driving this growth?

The first stage of digital transformation in many companies is now complete. These organizations have moved some of their resources to the cloud, using solutions based on this technology while seeing the resulting benefits. Hence, further investments in the area can be expected – emphasizes Robert Czarniewski, CFO at Polcom.

Cloud-native technologies – the key to transformation

The cloud has long since moved far beyond being a simple tool to save time and money. It has become a powerful catalyst for innovation and flexibility, opening up new opportunities for companies in every sector. The cloud-native approach, which involves designing and building applications and systems from the ground up with the cloud in mind, is becoming increasingly common. Implementing cloud services can therefore become the foundation of digital transformation for companies that want to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Safety in the spotlight

Access to real-time data is indispensable for making accurate decisions and ensuring flexibility. We are seeing the growing popularity of streaming information consumption, which is generating greater demand for storage solutions. As the amount of data being processed increases, so does the risk of cyberattack. Global spending on cybersecurity and data protection in the cloud will increase significantly. Collaboration with cloud providers on security and recovery from attacks will become crucial. Security Operations Centre solutions will become increasingly popular.

Data processing at the edge of the network

Edge development offers real savings, shortens time-to-market, and improves the quality of human-machine working and collaboration. The biggest advantages of edge computing include speed and autonomy. Instead of sending raw data to the main data center, edge computing devices process it on-site. This not only reduces the cost of data transfer but also allows for greater autonomy and instant decision-making. For example, in terms of stock replenishment or asset monitoring. This gives the ability to accurately predict maintenance requirements, allowing to better plan repairs or optimize equipment performance. And all this reduces operating costs – emphasizes Mariusz Juranek, Commercial Director at Polcom.

A conscious approach to these areas is key to remaining competitive in the market, given the rapidly changing business environment and increasing customer demands. Investing in cloud technologies will allow companies to adapt flexibly to change and use resources efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and profitability. At the same time, a focus on data security will allow companies to protect their assets and build customer trust, which is crucial in an era of increasing cyberattacks. The development of edge computing opens up new opportunities for companies by enabling faster and more autonomous processing at the network edfe, which in turn supports rapis response to changing market needs. In this way, conscious investment in these areas can lay a solid foundation fot the long-term success and growth of businesses.

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