Natalia Gawlowska

Wiesław Wilk becomes the President of the Polish Data Center Association

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We are happy to inform that Wiesław Wilk, the President of Polcom, has been appointed the President of the Polish Data Center Association.

Member companies of the PDCA altogether own almost 9100 racks which constitutes around 64% of the used server area in Poland (data as of 2016 according to Audytel). Polcom is one of eleven members – founders of the first Data Center Associations in Poland (the Polish Data Center Association).

The aim of the Polish Data Center Association is to care for businesses of Polish data centers and encourage companies and state institutions to develop with the use of professional data processing services. The Association is going to achieve this objective by building a positive image of this service sector and active educational activities on the subject of solutions built on the basis of data centers, such as for example cloud computing, data protection or cybersecurity.

More information about the Polish Data Center Association can be found on the website of the Association.

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