Pawel Kruszec

The new service of Polcom and Kucharscy Consulting

for Capital Groups

Polcom and Kucharscy Consulting provided a new cloud-based solution for managerial and statutory consolidation for Capital Groups.

IBM Cognos Controller enables calculation of consolidation for all types of Capital Groups operating on the Polish and foreign markets. The service satisfies current needs within the scope of calculation of managerial consolidation, statutory consolidation and reporting for the Capital Group. Thank to that capital groups can forecast changes in an easier way and obtain a comprehensive analysis of consolidated managerial data.

Together with Polcom, we provide a service for capital groups. The service optimizes calculation and consolidation processes of capital groups, especially when they operate on both the Polish and foreign markets. Providing a cloud-based model of a service gives our customers plenty of benefits. Above all, they receive a ready and secure tool without additional investment costs related to IT infrastructure while obtaining speed, reliability and any scalability depending on business requirements, Adam Kucharski, Kucharscy Consulting, says.

• Optimization of investment costs – Thanks to such solution there is no need to invest in physical infrastructure. Servers, network devices, cooling systems and other devices are stored in a secure data center managed by the service provider. The enterprise can invest its capital in other strategic business areas.
• Lower operational costs – The IT team does not have to take care of the implementation, maintenance, service and updating of the system and software. This reduces operational costs and focuses its operations on more strategic tasks.
• Scalability – Thanks to the provision of IBM Cognos Controller in Polcom’s environment it is possible to quickly adapt to changing business conditions or new market opportunities.
• Speed and reliability – Polcom’s cloud computing infrastructure consists of the latest generation processors, SSD bulk memory systems and network devices. It guarantees reliable operations and quick reaction time which results in the increase in user’s comfort while using the system.
• Flexible access – The users may freely avail themselves of IBM Cognos Controller regardless of where they are.
• Security – Management of the solution is only available for authorized users, whereas all data management channels are encrypted. VPN technologies (virtual private network) are used to guarantee secure communications between the data center and an enterprise.

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