Pawel Kruszec

SKANSKA moves its IT resources

to Polcom’s cloud computing

Skanska S.A. Belongs to Skanska Group whose history dates back to 1887. The group belongs to the largest construction and property development companies in the world. It employs approximately 38 thousand people in Poland and the United States, reaching the revenues of 170 billion SEK in 2018.

To strengthen data security and simultaneously reduce IT expenditures, the company decided to move its IT resources to Polcom’s cloud computing. It is a part of the concept of Skanska S.A. which assumes the provision of more and more efficient solutions for business.

We decided to transfer our resources to the cloud to fully concentrate on the key elements, from the business perspective, i.e. on the provided services instead of infrastructure maintenance. Thanks to that we can respond to the changing needs of business and company’s employees in a more efficient way. The future of Skanska’s IT resources is in the cloud, whereas migration of infrastructure and a change in its management and maintenance are a part of a revolution, Bartosz Sornat, IT Director at Skanska S.A., says.

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