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Natalia Gawlowska

Polcom’s services vs. GDPR

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The EU regulations related to personal data protection GDPR that came into force on May 25, 2018, significantly increase an emphasis placed on the issues related to security in enterprises. The most important changes are, for example, the following ones:

– According to the new regulations, administrators are obliged to report violations to an appropriate authority within 72 hours from the moment of their detection. Moreover, a personal data administrator will be obliged to remove personal data upon their owner’s request.

– A new obligation was imposed on data processing companies – appointment of a Personal Data Inspector with expert knowledge in this field.

That’s why, as Jacek Pachytel from Polcom, says, For many enterprises, the main issue isn’t only to detect security incidents related to personal data but, above all, to find an appropriate path of reacting to attacks which will make it possible to save precious, in such situations, time and choose the fastest way of handling the incidents. The solution are services provided by Polcom which, thanks to centralization of information from many IT systems, make it possible to react to security incidents quickly and efficiently.

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