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Judyta Polak

ISO 27017 for Polcom

Security of cloud computing services on the highest level

We are happy to inform that Polcom has obtained a certificate that confirms the compliance of the Cloud Information Security System Management with ISO 27017 standard. This confirms high standards of data security at Polcom’s cloud and provides our customers with a guarantee that we have efficient procedures for data access control.

Jak zabezpieczyć firmę przed hakerami?

ISO 27017 is an international standard which places particular emphasis on risk management in the area of cloud computing services. It may be said that ISO 27017 specifies, above all, good practices within the scope of security in the context of cloud computing services.

What is important, the requirements contained in ISO 27017 standard do not only concern internal quality management for cloud service providers but also for relationships with customers. To meet the requirements of the standard, the provider should implement detailed procedures related to relationships with customers connected with the very service management, notifications, and updates. Within the framework of the guidelines specified in ISO 27017 standard, service providers shall provide the customer with all and any essential information concerning the cloud platform where the services are provided, e.g. technologies on the basis of which the cloud is built, implemented security measures or geographical location.

Polcom’s cloud computing is built on the basis of one of the largest and most modern data centers in Poland, that’s why it may be said that from the technological point of view Polcom has been meeting the standards specified in ISO 27017 for a long time. In recent months, however, we’ve made a lot of effort in order to seal the procedures related to the process of informing customers about provided services within the scope of cloud service security, Stanisław Borkowski, Quality Assurance Manager at Polcom, emphasizes.

Why was obtaining ISO 27017 compliance certificate important for us?

The area of communications management between customers and the company providing services is particularly important for customers who search for tailor-made solutions. Since we understand perfectly well this need and realize how much our customers trust us by entrusting us with their data, we decided to master our procedures to a higher extent. Stanisław Borkowski emphasizes.

It is worth highlighting that Polcom is one of few data centers in Poland that holds confirmed compliance of Cloud Information Security System Management with ISO 27017 standard.

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