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Global DSI Underground’s IT Migration to Polcom Cloud wins the “Best in Cloud”

Computerworld Magazine Award!

On May 12, DSI Underground’s global environment migration to Polcom Cloud was awarded the first place in the best cloud service implementation category as part of the prestigious “Best in Cloud” competition held by Computerworld Polska magazine, which promotes the most efficient ways to use cloud technologies and the best products and cloud service providers.

Dynamic growth = growing digital needs

DSI Underground is a rapidly growing global enterprise, providing services in the field of mining and tunnel construction through branches with a global presence in seventy countries including Austria, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Spain, Great Britain, China, Canada, the US, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and South Africa. Due to the dynamic growth and successful acquisition of more and more companies all over the world – such as JENNMAR, J-LOK® Resins Australia, ROCBOLT Resins from South Africa, the number of processes, as well as the company’s scale of operations grew significantly.

The larger and more dispersed the DSI Underground structure grew, the greater the challenge became to reorganize and centralize IT systems at the global level, standardize business processes and increase system scalability. At the time, this global enterprise, with many achievements and successful implementations under its belt, needed such solutions and tools to safely and effectively manage a vast volume of data.

Because of the global nature of the company, it was vital to ensure security of all key IT systems, including business systems at the highest possible level.

Centralization of the DSI Underground companies not only allowed for integrated data management, but also opened up new opportunities for further integration of the global IT resources, supply chain and client services.

Polcom – the Digital Heart of the Company

The global DSI Underground environment migration project to Polcom Cloud was implemented between October 2020 and February 2022 and consisted in introducing IT solutions that would accelerate the company’s digital transformation at sites all over the world.

– In order to extend our business capacity and compete effectively in the international market, DSI Underground decided to digitalize and globalize IT for all its branches. That is why the company decided to start a competence center in Central Europe, which has become a contact point for all DSI units using hybrid cloud services from the Polish provider – Polcom. Such examples of implementation are hard to come by, where a company with Polish capital and know-how successfully implemented such an enormous project – says Mateusz Borkowski, Head of Global IT and Digital Strategy at DSI Underground.

Polcom turned out to be the perfect business partner and the tools used helped DSI react more quickly to the changing market conditions and more. As an international company, DSI Underground obtained a comprehensive end-to-end solution, significantly increasing the security level.

Comprehensive Project

Polcom took responsibility for providing a secure computing cloud platform, as well as implementation and management for key IT solutions at DSI Underground. As a result, the Polish provider is responsible for the company’s global digital transformation, its cybersecurity and constant growth. The scope of services provided included private cloud, hybrid cloud, Security Operation Center, Disaster Recovery, Managed IT Services, Storage as a Service, Backup as a Service.

To some extent the DSI Underground environment migration project is ground-breaking, but at the same time comprehensive. This is due to the fact that the company’s specialization industry is quite niche, as well as due to the scale of work undertaken. We are talking about an organization with a presence in more than 70 countries. The project itself encompassed key DSI Underground locations in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Pacific and Africa – Adam Matyaszek, Key Account Manager at Polcom points out.

Key Benefits

Security. Implementation of the world’s leading platform that utilizes machine learning for autonomous cyber-defense based on the Polcom cloud allowed Polcom to maintain and manage software that proactively monitor user traffic throughout the infrastructure and reacts to any suspicious behavior in real-time, ensuring IT environment security at the network level, and thus allows to maintain the highest possible security level. 

Development. Implementation and integration of key business systems in the cloud – such as ERP, WMS, Barcode, Workflow systems – allowed DSI Underground to reach operational goals in strategic areas, that translate into faster growth of the company’s structures. As a result of global IT centralization, the company can continue – both globally and locally – to increase its scale of business, improve operational and business processes, as well as drive production.

Cost Savings. With Polcom Cloud, which operates according to a subscription model, DSI Underground was able to limit one-off expenses related to investing in IT resources.

– The implementation conducted by Polcom at DSI makes us happy for two reasons. On the one hand, we are happy with the project itself, where Polcom Cloud is a focal point for our global IT environment. On the other hand, it was recognized by the judges of the Best in Cloud competition in 2021, where this project claimed the first place in the best cloud service implementation category – Adam Matyaszek sums up.

The tools used helped DSI react more quickly to the changing market conditions and helped grow the business scale, as well as improve operational and production processes. The company, as an international organization, gained a comprehensive end-to-end solution, significantly boosting its security levels, which allows it to counteract and prevent any potential threats.

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