Pawel Kruszec

DSI Underground

migrates to Polcom cloud

DSI Underground is an international company providing services related to tunneling, mining, road construction and geotechnics. The company employs over 2100 employees all over the world and conducts its business activity in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), the region of Asia and the Pacific, North and South America. Nowadays, the company provides its services in 95 countries all over the world. The European branch of DSI Underground contains 21 sub-branches and its yearly sales amount to over EUR 261 MLN.

The European part of DSI Underground required plenty of changes such as optimization of investment costs and branch centralization. That is why last year the company decided to migrate its IT infrastructure to the cloud environment at Polcom Data Center. What were the effects of this migration? Watch a short video that presents the whole project.

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