Marcin Laskoś

Maintaining applications in the cloud

Is it profitable?

Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage requires not only the continuous implementation of innovative solutions, but also the efficient management of the IT infrastructure. Maintaining applications in the cloud and managing them efficiently is one of the milestones in the daily quest for business performance.

Innovation instead of routine

Migration to the cloud marks a step towards modern solutions and the digitalisation of business.The scalability and flexibility that comes from the use of cloud computing have a significant impact on the ability to dynamically adapt to changes in the market without having to invest in the own infrastructure. Cloud computing allows organisations to manage applications flexibly, regardless of the changing demand of their products or services.

Costs that can be saved

The previously mentioned lack of investment in in-house servers enables significant cost optimisation. Financial outlays that were previously allocated to infrastructure maintenance can be shifted to another area – directly related to the company’s core business. What is more, the subscription model of payment for cloud services means that organisations only pay for the resources actually used, which allows them to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Security at the highest level

A high level of data protection is a priority for any organisation, regardless of the business sector. Maintaining applications in the cloud enables security solutions such as Security as a Service, SOC, anomaly detection or Backup as a Service solutions. This in turn eliminates the risk of data loss or cyber-attacks. Cloud service providers are constantly updating their security, which guarantees the highest level of protection.

Unlimited availability

In the age of remote working, access to data from anywhere in the world is essential to the smooth running of a business. Cloud-based applications allow employees to freely access the information they need, regardless of location. Mobility is not only about convenience, it is also about staying competitive.

In a world where change is the only constant, cloud solutions allow companies to adapt quickly and effectively. Maintaining applications in the cloud is a conscious move that takes a company to a higher level of management, efficiency and innovation. It is not only an investment in technology, but also in the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

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