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Nanovo in Polcom Cloud

Branch:New technologies
Key service:Cloud infrastructure (IaaS)

Nanovo is a technology company operating since 2012, specialising in Digital Signage, Phygital and Visual Management solutions.

The company’s clients include both Polish and international brands such as Żabka, CinemaCity, Modivo, Sephora, or Bank PKO BP. Nanovo offers innovative solutions for digital integration and distribution of multimedia content. Each project is ‘tailor-made’ in order to fully respond to the individual needs of customers and at the same time effectively attract the attention of the final consumer.


Nanovo has an extensive IT infrastructure to produce and store a variety of multimedia content that is used in the visual systems of various types of shops and institutions. As clients’ needs evolve, Nanovo’s IT environment is constantly evolving; moreover, the company needs to be sure that the audio and video materials produced do not leak before the planned release, as this could result in the disclosure of the client’s strategy and difficult-to-estimate image losses.

As a result of the need to fully secure the stored data, the company had to obtain comprehensive support in a short period of time to ensure the highest standards of protection for sensitive assets. Equally important was maintaining business continuity in the event of a potential disaster. The company was already using a data storage provider, but the range of support and solutions offered proved inadequate, resulting in the loss of data access. The company could not afford for similar incidents to occur in the future, so the process of selecting a new service provider was initiated, with particular emphasis on the area of necessary security and ensuring business continuity of the cloud platform.


The company chose to work with an experienced cloud provider that not only provided the right level of data security, but also provided comprehensive support during the migration process.

Polcom developed a solution based on an SQL cluster that allowed Nanovo to maintain business continuity and the ability to recover data in the event of a potential disaster. The proposed solution is characterised by scalability and flexibility in processing and sharing multimedia content. Polcom provided an efficient environment in which content presented on screens in different shops is delivered from a single, shared data shop used by multiple servers.

The first environment was set up on an accelerated basis – within two weeks. It was necessary to react quickly so that Nanovo could continue operations for its customers. Subsequent environments are adapted and developed on an ongoing basis according to the company’s current needs. Each new project is implemented according to detailed guidelines provided by Nanovo. As a result, a fully scalable solution has been achieved, enabling backup and restoration of data in the event of a potential disaster. The solution is based on the Palcom Cloud infrastructure, which guarantees full data security.


Data security:

Polcom has numerous certifications and state-of-the-art data centres, which are a guarantee that the highest standards of security will be maintained

Scalable IT environment:

With scalable services, the company will be able to easily adapt its resources to changing business needs

Business continuity:

The company has received a guarantee that the most essential processes will continue uninterrupted. Ensuring business continuity is crucial to the effectiveness of the company’s operations

Bartosz Grabowski

I recommend Polcom as a solid, reliable and professional cloud computing provider with a partnership approach.

We chose this company because it is the market leader in the area of data storage security services. The area of adequate data security is a priority for our cooperation. We are convinced that by choosing Polcom, we are not only investing in a stable and modern IT infrastructure, but also in a partnership relationship where our clients’ objectives become the contractor’s priority. Together, we create a comprehensive service that meets both our expectations and those of the ultimate consumers 100%.

With advanced cloud computing solutions, our company gains not only flexibility, but also efficiency in managing IT resources. In addition, using cloud solutions eliminates the need to invest in our own hardware infrastructure,

Bartosz Grabowski CTO

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