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Medicus Bonus uses Polcom Cloud

Key service:Cloud infrastructure

Medicus-Bonus – a private specialized hospital in Sroda Wlkp. and a network of outpatient clinics throughout Greater Poland. Specializes in orthopaedics, phlebology (treatment of vein diseases) and surgery. Medicus-Bonus has over 30 years of experience in providing the highest quality medical services and hundreds of thousands of |satisfied patients. With a network of facilities throughout Greater Poland, the treatment path from the first medical consultation, through the procedure, to post-operative care is extremely simple and short. The specialized medical staff cooperates with renowned clinics and is constantly expanding its competence.

Medicus-Bonus is one of the most modern medical centers in Greater Poland.


Medicus-Bonus, striving for continuous development, uses new technologies to streamline key processes of medical units. As a hospital and clinics that process sensitive personal data on a daily basis, it must meet the high security requirements of market regulators. In the face of increasingly prevalent cyber threats, it has become an important aspect to enhance the security of processed information against potential leakage or loss. Time-consuming procedures also proved to be a challenge, the implementation of which could be automated to some extent with IT solutions available on the market. In order to streamline internal processes and ensure the required level of protection, the hospital and its outpatient clinics decided to migrate their key systems to the cloud, which is characterized by high performance and flexibility.


Based on its market analysis, Medicus-Bonus decided to use Polcom’s cloud computing for IT infrastructure for systems that streamline the work of the medical unit. This decision resulted in improved efficiency of the solutions used and increased security. The hospital and outpatient clinics additionally gained flexibility and the ability to adjust the parameters of the IT environment to current needs. Polcom, as a professional provider of cloud services, holds numerous certificates (including ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 9001), which are a guarantee of the highest level of security of processed information. Thanks to the migration to Polcom Cloud, the hospital can focus on its core business, without worrying about the proper functioning of IT and the availability of key systems that affect the quality of medical services provided by Medicus Bonus.


Process optimization

Thanks to the implementation of cloud solutions, Medicus-Bonus has optimized processes that required automation and were closely linked to the IT area. Hospital staff can easily and quickly access the information they need, allowing them to serve patients even more efficiently.


Data security

Thanks to the use of cloud solutions, Medicus-Bonus hospital and clinics have optimized IT-related investment costs. The funds thus saved can be used to invest in the company’s ongoing development.

Stabilność systemów

The stability of the systems has helped to increase operational efficiency and enhance the positive image of the medical unit. The hospital and outpatient clinics are effectively developing their services and building a competitive advantage, thanks to the use of optimal technological solutions.


We know how important patient comfort is to the recovery process, which is why we decided to use cloud computing services to ensure the highest level of availability of our services and to increase the security of the ever-increasing volume of processed data.

Polcom has ideally proven itself as a reliable business partner that is able to adapt its services to the changing needs of the medical unit. The project-based approach and comprehensive technical support enabled us to focus on the core business of the Medicus-Bonus hospital and specialty clinics – treating people – without worrying about our IT.

Krzysztof Galbas MD

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